SDR radio breathes life into a 75 year old Marconi CR100

  Jon Hudson over at DesignSpark‎ writes: This is a belated post of a fun project we did for RS Components. With the upcoming 80th anniversary of the founding of ‘RadioSpares’ – the original name for UK-based RS-Components, and the creation of an “Engineers’ Playground” as a feature of the 2016 Electronica event in Munich, […]

SDR Sunday – monitor web SDRs and decode digital data

Want to try out software defined radio (SDR) before you buy or build a rig? Or do you just want to see what all the ham radio chatters about? Then check out the online SDRs available for your listening pleasure at WebSDR. This unique website lists dozens of online radios which you can click on […]

QUISK software defined radio

QUISK is open source software defined radio (SDR) platform by James Ahlstrom. QUISK can interface with certain radio receivers or amateur radio transceivers, and essentially takes over control of the rig’s operation including changing mode, frequency, transmit/receive switching, demodulation, etc. It’s written in Python and C, and all source is included. QUISK runs under Linux […]