App note: Modbus TCP for the Microchip TCP/IP Stack

Here’s another application note from Microchip – Modbus TCP for the Microchip TCP/IP Stack  (PDF!) Modbus® is an industrial Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) used for remote monitoring and control applications. This application note describes a basic Modbus TCP server implementation and how it can be extended in a Modbus application. The application software that accompanies this document […]

Microchip open source USB/TCPIP stack competition with $1100+ bounty

Microchip launched the open source USB/TCPIP stack competition. The developer who writes, or ports, open source USB and TCPIP drivers to the chipKIT will receive a $1000 bounty (now $1100 and growing): Prizes look like they’ll be around $1000 for each stack developed/ported and that’s in your pocket. We’ll gross up the amount to cover […]

Microchip demo pages on web platform

Trev spent a lot of time hacking and documenting the Microchip TCP/IP stack for the web platform. Trev’s extensive write-up shows how he got these features working: SMTP mail client, email demo HTTP authentication, adding authentication to the email demo MD5 hash demo HTTP2 demo, multiple HTTP connections Custom dynamic web pages More in the […]