Open 7400 competition winners

Thank you participating in the Open 7400 Competition. All the entries were amazing, check out the full list here. Four judges, Dave Jones from EEV Blog, Jayson Tautic CEO of TAUTIC ELECTRONICS LLC, Marc Alexander from Freetronics, and Dino Segovis from Hack A Week, and Ian from Dangerous Prototypes each made a top ten list. The […]

7400 Competition: An ‘open source’ open source competition

The open 7400 logic competition is a collaborative, crowd sourced, open source competition. We started with a few prizes, but we crowd sourced our way to 20 sponsors and $1000s of dollars of swag. Judging guidelines, categories, and artwork were contributed by the community. Rules and materials are all open source, use then to get […]

7400 competition entry: 8-Channel, 6 -MSPS USB logic analyzer

Helmy entered an 8-Channel 6MS/s USB logic analyzer into the Open 7400 Logic Competition. His device converts the 8 channel parallel inputs into a UART based serial signal. It outputs this serial signal to the input pin of a PL2303 USB-to-Serial chip which sends the data to the computer. Via the forum.

7400 competition entry: New earth time (NET) digital clock

Our 7400 competition is heating up, Andrew form Ajax Electronics entered his New Earth Time digital clock into the competition. NET is a new way of telling time using earth’s rotation in degrees and minutes. 24 hours is 360 degrees, and each degree takes 60 NET minutes. The NET system allows for universal time with no time […]

7400 competition entry: Telephone Intercom from TTL

Here’s an entry in the Open 7400 Logic competition: Telephone Intercom from TTL This is the only craziest project I ever made, beginning in June 2007 and completed in November 2007. Very complex circuits, and uses a lot of IC (about 38 IC). If you think this is a waste, yes! Indeed. However, why do […]

7400 competition entry: 2 bits divider/multiplier

Here’s an entry in the Open 7400 Logic Competition: 2 bits multiplication and division This Project concerned to the Laboratory of Digital System has the objective to build a prototype which makes simple operations like multiplication and division between two operands of two bits. The operation result will be encoded in BCD (Binary Coded Decimal) […]

New 7400 Competition sponsor: 43Oh forum

The 43Oh forum has donated 2 EZ430-F2013 USB Stick Development tools and 1 EZ430-2500 Wireless Development tool to the Open 7400 Competition. Get your entry in and this and other cool hardware can be yours. There’s still time to become a sponsor of the most logical contest ever, just drop us line via the contact […]