Microchip open source USB/TCPIP stack competition with $1100+ bounty

Microchip launched the open source USB/TCPIP stack competition. The developer who writes, or ports, open source USB and TCPIP drivers to the chipKIT will receive a $1000 bounty (now $1100 and growing): Prizes look like they’ll be around $1000 for each stack developed/ported and that’s in your pocket. We’ll gross up the amount to cover […]

Write an app, get a SUMP PUMP

We’ve been working on an open source logic analyzer prototype with Jack Gassett of the Gadget Factory. The project is currently known by the code name ‘SUMP-PUMP’, but you can help suggest a name. The design incorporates elements of the Butterfly platform, which is available now at the Gadget Factory. Update: Michal Demin completed this […]

Bus Pirate bootloader v3 testers, help needed

ds30 Loader is the new bootloader we’ve chosen to replace the broken AN1157 bootloader currently in the Bus Pirate. It has a bunch of benefits: Takes less than 10 seconds to update the firmware Fixes the ‘slow’ bootloader problem effecting some PICs Opens 6KB of program space for more features Applications for Windows, Linux, and […]

C programmer needed for PIC support!

We’re looking for a C programmer who can add serial port output to usbpicprog. It’s all that stands in the way of bringing PIC 12F/16F/18F/ds30 programming to the Bus Pirate*. usbpicprog is an open source multi-platform programmer that uses wxWidgets toolkit and libusb. It currently sends byte commands to a USB HID driver. Your goal, […]

Bounty: Add Bus Pirate support to OpenOCD JTAG programmer

We’re offering a bounty on the most-requested Bus Pirate features. The developer of each feature can have their choice of a Bus Pirate probe cable kit or our next monthly project. Today we’re highlighting JTAG. It would be ideal to have Bus Pirate support in the popular open source JTAG programmer OpenOCD, but other solutions […]

Bounty on Bus Pirate high-priority features

Here’s a list of high-priority Bus Pirate features based on your feedback. We’re putting a bounty on these items to encourage new developers to get involved. The developer of each feature can have their choice of a Bus Pirate probe cable kit or our next monthly project. JTAG programming with OpenOCD. It should be possible […]