Altera CPLD/FPGA Quartus II design tutorials

If you have an Altera development board, such as the MAX V CPLD board or the UP1, UP2 or DE series of board, Altera has a collection of free video tutorials covering many aspects of CPLD/FPGA circuit design and programming of devices using their Quartus II design software.

Xilinx free FPGA/CPLD design tutorials

The Arduino platform and bare microcontrollers are good ways to get started in developing embedded systems. But the way of the future is clearly CPLD and FPGA architecture. These devices are not simply a new type of chip, but a new and interesting design and development frontier. Their programs are developed using several methods, including […]

PLUNIFY: programmable logic design simplified

A new site allows you to conduct programmable logic design with Xilinx and Altera devices “in the cloud.” PLUNIFY, currently in Beta, allows you to experiment with PLD development in your web browser without downloading any software. A free account is available allowing you to 1 GB of storage space and free online development tools […]