E-Paper clock in a Sick of Beige case

Kevin Rye built this E-Paper clock and wrote a detailed explanation on his blog describing the build: I still have to put the finishing touches on the code. Instead of having the display constantly update, I’d like to set an alarm on the DS3231 RTC to go off once a minute, and only update the […]

Arduino doomsday countdown clock shield

Tully wrote to us about his latest project, the Arduino doomsday clock shield. The board features six 7-segment displays counting down up to the end of the Mayan calendar. Hey Ian, I want to show off one of my recent creations, the Doomsday Clock Arduino Shield. You can use it to countdown the final hours […]

Bus Pirate and DS1307 realtime clock interface

jokkebk from Code and Life wrote this short how-to on interfacing the Bus Pirate to communicate with the DS1307 realtime clock. A good description showing beginners how to connect a BP to components or breakout boards and establish communications quickly and easily. Want to simplify hardware hacking? Get your own Bus Pirate for about $30.

Nixie clock sets time from internet, encased in concrete

Chankster built a Nixie clock that uses the NTP protocol to set the time over an internet connection. For a final touch, it was encased in concrete. Time is synchronized using the network time protocol. An ATmega keeps the time, controls the nixie tubes, and connects to the internet via the popular ENC28J60 Ethernet IC. […]

Clock with 180 RGB LEDs on home-etched circuit board

An Arduino-based clock with 180 RGB LEDs. The LEDs are driven via 12 TLC5925 1- channel constant-current addressable drivers. Its built on doublesided copper clad board using Toner transfer method. The routes aren’t smaller than 0.44mm and all vias are made for 0.8mm drilling (truly DIY). Just around 5 vias are under a component and […]

DIY high precision clock synchronized with an atomic clock

Here is a DIY high precision clock that is synced to the DCF77 atomic clock long wave radio signal. The radio signal is broadcast form Frankfurt at 77.5 KHz and has a reach of about 2000 Km. DCF77 is the name of a german radio station on 77.5 KHz, which gives official time and date from […]

Digital clock from an old nixie tube multimeter

James built a digital clock that displays the hours and minutes on an old Nixie tube multimeter. The multimeter functions as a voltmeter that is reading the output of an Arduino generated voltage. There are still some noise issues to clear up, but all in all it’s a cool looking clock. Check out the video […]