Clock with retro display

Marcus Linderoth built a clock using a TI MSP430g2553 microcontroller and a HPDL-1414 display, that is available at Github: After having ported Contiki to the Launchpad, I was eager on doing something with it. I built this simple clock with a vintage HPDL-1414 “smart four-character 16-segment alphanumeric” display and a msp430g2553. Check out the video after […]

DIY digital desk clock with temperature display -part 1

A digital desk clock with temperature display feature by Electro-Labs: The brain of the circuit is a Microchip PIC18F252 microcontroller. It acquires precise time information from DS1307 real time clock via I2C interface and displays it on four digit 38 mm seven-segment display with the help of MAX7219CNG display driver. The temperature data is read […]

Add functions to your Dotklok: Remote control

Boris Landoni  from Open Electronics writes about the Dotklok’s new feature, the addition of a remote control. We wrote about it previously here: The latest variation is the addition of a remote control, implemented with a few lines of code. This function allows you to read the signals sent by the common IR remote control used in TV, […]

Digital clock using 7 segment display controlled using TV remote

Zxlee wrote a post on his blog detailing his digital clock on 7 segment controlled with TV remote: When the Arduino first power up, it will display time information on 7 segment displays. Besides that, the LCD will display the time, date, temperature and day of week information. Basically, this is the main part of the program. The program […]

RGB LED ring clock

Greeeg over at the 430h forum has been working on a RGB LED ring clock: The clock is comprised of 2 rings of 60 LEDs each. the LEDs are WS2812 parts, which include a built-in driver. The PCB is one of the interesting parts of this clock. I designed the board in altium as a single 6 […]

Purpleheart ornamental clock

Wardy wrote a post on his blog detailing his ornamental clock build: I wanted to use my new Adafruit Neopixel Ring to build an ornamental clock, using this interesting woodworking technique. Plus I figured that my milling machine might make this a feasible prospect. Milling, in my very limited self-taught experience, is best done using a material […]

Digital/Analog clock – Arduino + PaperCraft

alstroemeria wrote this Instructable detailing the build of his Digital/Analog clock: In this instructable we will be recreating a clock inspired by Alvin Aronson’s original design. When I first saw this clock I was very impressed by how clean an elegant the design was I immediately wanted to recreate this effect. I hope some of you […]