BridgeDuino: A wireless Arduino HUB and shield

TechBitar shared his latest project the BridgeDuino¬†with boards from DirtyPCBs: BridgeDuino is a Swiss army knife PCB for rapid networking of inexpensive wireless communication modules. Breadboards are super for one-off experiments. But after prototyping half a dozen wireless prototypes involving more than just two Arduinos, the wiring mistakes and associated debugging grew more time consuming. […]

Universal re-routing board for Arduino shields

While visiting Dimitri’s workshop in Shenzhen he showed us the MIX-UP board. It’s an Arduino shield that let’s you re-route any digital or analog signal (excluding D0 and D1 pins) to any pin on a shield. The board is populated with a bunch of DIP switches which control the routing of the pins. MIX UP […]

Arduino doomsday countdown clock shield

Tully wrote to us about his latest project, the Arduino doomsday clock shield. The board features six 7-segment displays counting down up to the end of the Mayan calendar. Hey Ian, I want to show off one of my recent creations, the Doomsday Clock Arduino Shield. You can use it to countdown the final hours […]

GSM GPS shield for Arduino

Boris Landoni draws our attention to the GSM GPS shield for Arduino designed by Open Electronics. “The shield is designed and based on the module GSM/GPRS SIM900 or the GSM/GPRS & GPS module SIM908, to make calls, voice and data connections via GPRS. This new version has several new hardware features, that allow maximum customization […]

Arduino voice control with EasyVR shield

If you want to add voice recognition to your next Arduino project, you might want to consider the EasyVR Shield by VeeaR. It’s based on the EasyVR module, and combined with supporting libraries provides up to 32 user-defined Speaker Dependent triggers (in any language) or commands and voice passwords. The shield makes available three controllable […]

Open source Arduino shield outline in gEDA

Eric writes: I’ve released an Arduino shield board outline in gEDA format under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license. These files can be used as a starting place for creating Arduino shield boards. Video overlay shield shown. Don’t forget there is also an Arduino shield outline in the Dangerous Prototypes Eagle parts library (CC-0). […]