Money shredding alarm clock project

Posted on Thursday, May 2nd, 2013 in clock by DP

Want to get up before the sunrise? Here’s the money shredding alarm clock project by Rich Olson’s to help you get yourself up early:

If you have trouble getting out of bed a bed shaker alarm might be a bit extreme, you might be just fine if there is a bit of money on the line if you sleep in. This Money Shredding Alarm Clock Project might be just what you need to give you some inspiration. With this clock you are given the beep warning to get up and switch off the alarm since if you leave it too long the cash that is siting on top of the clock will be fed into the shredder. You can switch the $1 for something a bit higher if you are having a late night and will need more persuasion to get up in the morning.

Via Hacked Gadgets.

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4 Responses to “Money shredding alarm clock project”

  1. Anthony Clay says:

    While this would certainly get me out of bed, isn’t shredding money illegal?
    I wonder: If everyone had such a clock, would we have inflation anymore?

    • Lloyd Atkinson says:

      Yeah but so is downloading music, speeding, and in Tennessee it’s illegal to shoot a whale from a moving car.

      • ( different ) Kevin says:

        “in Tennessee it’s illegal to shoot a whale from a moving car” If only I’d known that yesterday…

        “Ignorance of the law is no excuse” said Officer Stephens.

    • Mark says:

      destroying money is only illegal if you try to spend it afterwards.

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