Bus Pirate probe cable prototypes and giveaway

Posted on Thursday, January 23rd, 2014 in #liveupdates, Bus Pirate, Bus Pirate accessories by Ian


Prototype Bus Pirate probe cables with heat shrink labels arrived today. We sent professionally printed heat shrink tubes to the cable people (white) and they attached them to 100 cables. We printed our own shrink labels on the L-Mark LK320P and attached them to 100 cables in-house (yellow).

Results and cable giveaway below!


The cables look great, and the factory did a great job applying the professionally printed shrink tubes. The manufacturer complained though that it took 8 hours to apply the labels to 100 cables. Not great, that’s just over ten per hour. Yikes. We offered extra money, but they refused it. We’ll see how willing they are next time.


We also fired up the L-Mark and printed shrink tubes for 100 cables. Applying them is indeed a nightmare job. Each probe wire has to be peeled back, then the tubes applied and aligned before shrinking. We didn’t even do as well as the factory – maybe 10 hours total to get 100 cables done.

Get one!

There’s still the question of yellow or white. We’ll leave it up to a popularity contest. Mention your preference in a comment below, tomorrow we’ll send a coupon code good for one probe cable to 20 random commentors. You choose your favorite, yellow or white, from the free PCB drawer. The most popular color will go into the first batch of Bus Pirate education kits and be available at Seeed Studio.

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278 Responses to “Bus Pirate probe cable prototypes and giveaway”

  1. unwind says:

    White is right! I would love one, here’s hoping I win. Keep up the great work, DP!

  2. Arnd says:

    I would be interested!

  3. Gaurav says:

    i would love to have one

  4. This is my white random comment :)

  5. Antonio Petito says:

    Yellow for maximum visual appearance.

  6. hli says:

    Judging from the pictures, they both look equally good. But yellow is the Dangerousprototypes color, so I would,take that one :)

  7. Arthur Guy says:

    I would go for yellow, it stands out and matches the brand

  8. Artur Cieslak says:

    Yellow, definitely. These cables would be a great addition to my Bus Pirate.

  9. Daniel says:

    White wins :), nice contrast for easy reading and won’t be misinterpreted as faded/dirty old wire .

  10. james mastros says:

    Oooh, white for me, please!
    I do wonder how much these would go for, retail. At 1/10th hour of time, probably quite expensive!

  11. varun says:

    yellow one here…

  12. Craig Smuda says:

    Neat! This is a handy improvement over the basic- hope you can work out a solution with the manufacturer. If I’m a lucky fellow, white looks best to me!

  13. chipmikro says:

    I would be very interested. I like the white!!

  14. Matthew Shoemaker says:

    My vote is for Yellow. The white tubes would just blend into the background on my table.

  15. geeeko says:

    Sure! White wins!!

  16. Robert Pflaum says:

    Yellow is the way to go! I am definitely interested in this.

  17. Lisa says:

    Yellow seems easier to my eyes.

  18. uktechguy says:

    I would prefer yellow although a mixture might be a good idea based on type of data signal.

  19. DarylDee says:

    Ohhh NAAISS!!! :) love the yellow…

  20. N'Gonka says:

    I favor the white ones.

  21. Tarmo says:

    Hi, I think yellow ones are better for attention. :)

  22. tinito says:

    A yellow one would fit perfectly my BP ;)

  23. Mstef says:

    I don’t need one but the white look easier to read. Did you ever look at custom printed wires/ribbon cable?

  24. Peter says:

    These are a great idea. I think the white ones would be better.

  25. Bajdi says:

    A set of yellow ones would be real handy :)

  26. Eric says:

    Looks like white would be better.

  27. zippys123 says:

    white one please

  28. Jon Shaulis says:

    I’d want white. It seems like it’s be easier to read.

  29. Andy S says:

    Definitely white, easier for me to read.

  30. Yellow is the new red.
    I’d like that.

  31. Christer Renström says:

    They look great!! Especially the white ones with respect to clarity. I really could use a probe cable for my nerd-shack!

  32. Sasa says:

    I would prefer the white one, it’s more minimalistic.

  33. Felix says:

    white looks nice, but in the end yellow wins ;)

  34. Bernd says:

    A great Idea. I’d like the white one.

  35. Simon says:

    White looks great!

  36. utox says:

    white for me!

  37. Josh says:

    A set of white ones would fit perfectly my BP ;-)

  38. kripton2035 says:

    white for me ! thanks.

  39. Danijel says:

    UU nice cables. I like the white ones. :)

  40. Paul F. says:

    I think the white are higher contrast, but the yellow follow the DP logo color scheme…..tough choice. I think I’d go for the yellow in the end.

  41. I’d say white for sure

  42. Xykon says:

    I’d also prefer the white ones :) They really look awesome!

  43. John Tarbox says:


  44. White looks nicer to me, but I would have to have it in my hands to be sure :-)

  45. mh says:

    Yellow is my personal favorite.

  46. EmilyFromFarAway says:

    White pleases the old eye.

  47. Michael says:


  48. Marmotte says:

    For me the white ones are much better.

  49. Frodo says:

    All the danger signs I’ve ever seen are YELLOW, Got to be the ‘YELLOW’.

  50. Jonathan says:

    Yellow looks best to me I’d love one

  51. shanmugam says:


  52. Per says:

    The yellow ones.

  53. Omar says:

    White, seems easier to read.

  54. Paco says:

    yellow of course…

  55. dylek says:

    I am interested in any color.

  56. lars says:

    I’d go for yellow

  57. Kai says:

    yellow+black, like your logo…

  58. Mack says:

    I like the white.

  59. Andreas says:

    Definitely want one!

  60. Dan Ringer says:

    White, definitely. Oh and pick me.

  61. Dante P. says:

    Tough one, but white looks indeed easier to read.

  62. Mike says:

    White is my favorite color…

  63. Ray Moore says:

    yellow yellow yellow! Gotta be yellow! White is so,,,,white….

    Just my $0.20 worth.

    And, yes, I would love one of whatever color but I prefer YELLOW!

    already got the buspirate.

  64. Chuckt says:

    I’m not picky. I’ll take either. Thank you!

  65. Mike Ward says:

    looks good, yes please

  66. fred says:

    white please :)

  67. Gregg Kodra says:

    White. Are you going to have any sets of labeled heat shrink not on the cable already? I find the female cable version get used more and would not mind making a labeled one.

  68. Josh says:

    I prefer white.

  69. Sara says:

    white looks nice

  70. Al says:


    Nice cables, though if i was the manufacturer i’d not do to such job anymore, low profit ;) I hope you don’t have problems with that and they will continue doing them.

    mmh color? yellow is ok.

  71. Steve says:

    I’d go for white. If the ribbon cable were all one colour yellow would be fine, but against the rainbow white works better.

  72. Rene Castberg says:

    I prefer the white cabels.

  73. Tom P. says:

    They both look OK. White wins by a nose.

  74. Matt says:

    Plain old white looks nice

  75. Stephen says:

    Looks impressive!

    Would have been a mind numbing job to heat shrink though…

  76. JohnT says:

    I vote white.

  77. SaakNeMah says:

    Yellow looks cool, but I prefer white. It seems easyier to read the white labels.

  78. Keith says:

    They both look solid, but I prefer the white.

  79. Johan says:


  80. Schazamp says:

    I have to read a lot of tiny yellow labels at work, I think white is easier to see, especially in low-light.

  81. kasbah says:


  82. dzeez says:

    I think this is (assuming assembly can be facilitated) a great way to make IDing the pins while “in-circuit” [the human, I mean] that much more certain. And I like white.

  83. Peter S. May says:

    Wait, so you’re sending me the Bus Pirate PCB but I have to get the cables separately? You tease! :-)

    Anyway, white, without any really strong argument. And if white were out of stock and yellow were the only option, I wouldn’t hesitate to pick it up anyway.

  84. Devttys0_73 says:

    Oh Yeeah, that’s a very nice idea, it will make the live with Buspirate easier …

    White look really great !

    It seems that contrast between the black ink and the white background is really good mainly for ” Mr Magoo like” people as me …

    That will definitively be WHITE !

    Thanks you for the opportunity !

  85. Andreas says:

    Contrast is king; I like the white best as this looks to be the most readable. I sometimes struggle to read black on yellow when in bad light conditions.

  86. Oliver says:


  87. Pekka says:

    White! Definitely the white one!!! :-D … Is my favorite!

  88. Axiom says:

    I preffer Yellow, makes a better contrast with circuit and breadboard (BTW I´m color blind :-))

  89. Frank says:

    Yellow please!

  90. arekm says:

    Yellow obviously.

  91. William says:

    I’d go for the white ones!

  92. Mike says:

    White. The contrast is easier for me to read.

  93. Olaf says:

    Definitely the white ones!

  94. Chas says:

    Definitely white!

  95. nater says:

    My old-man eyes tell me that white might be slightly easier to read.

  96. Jason McFarland says:

    I’m voting for white!

  97. TasksOfOhm says:

    I vote for whie

  98. Christian says:


  99. Blars says:

    Yellow, only because white would get dirty faster.

  100. NsN says:

    I prefer the higher contrast on the white ones

  101. Zaid Pirwani says:

    YELLOW all the way…

  102. Konstantin Z. says:

    White of course! Would like to receive cable, please =)

  103. Blodgar says:

    Dangerous Proto yellow!

  104. wavo wig says:

    random white!

  105. Rui Santos says:

    The yellow ones look great!

  106. mk2soldier says:

    Thank you very much!

  107. Ostamo says:

    Yellow because i think white would eventually get fingerprint stains on it

  108. Mike says:

    Although I like the idea of the yellow/black to match DP’s color scheme, with the fully colored wires the white looks cleaner.

  109. Mike Pendleton says:

    Yellow, Yellow, Yellow!!!!

  110. Chankster says:

    White is definitely the best!

  111. Tobias Einarsson says:


  112. Vance Conway says:

    Definitely yellow. It stands out much more.

  113. DigiGram says:

    I like the Yellow, but I think white should rather make it into the kit. Since you will have Yellow left then, I’d like one :)

  114. m3741 says:

    White. It just looks cleaner and brighter.

  115. Scanboostar says:

    Would-be great to have a yellow one to acompany my Bus Pirate to mAke THE correct connection Every time!

  116. grimmjaw says:

    Yellow for me :)

  117. White is easier to read in my opinion :)

  118. Pontus Leitzler says:


  119. kurt says:

    Yellow would be wonderfull !!

  120. twinpeaks says:

    I would prefer the yellow cables.

  121. neslekkim says:


  122. Chad says:

    I like white.

  123. Antony Balcerzak says:


  124. Peter says:

    To be honest, they both look good. Forced to pick, yellow.

  125. fidelsalinas says:

    Id go for white

  126. Efcis says:

    White please !

  127. Sayan says:

    I prefer white – good contrast

  128. Ketracel says:

    Yellow is great!

  129. Sparks says:

    I’d love to have white or yellow- truthfully either are amazing.

  130. Kevin says:

    I say yellow, but white aint bad either.

  131. Jim P says:

    The white looks more professional.

  132. Dave says:

    Teeth are better white and so are the heat shrink labels.

  133. C J says:

    I like the yellow.

    **** How about selling the printed heat shrink pieces for those of us who want to apply them to our own probes?

    I have a logic analyzer from another vendor that could benefit from a probe set with labels!

    Even better would be labels that say “A0”, “A1″… “A7”, “B0”..”B7″, GND

    But even using the labels you’ve already made would be an improvement.


    • Kaz says:

      THIS. I agree wholeheartedly! When I saw that heat shrink printer I was thinking “Oh, man, I need to get me one of those!” And then I saw the price, and said “Oh, man, I need to find someone who has one of those!” Seriously, this is a great idea — I would pay for this.

  134. Andy Cowan says:

    The white looks smarter and easier to read in my opinion!

  135. Manuela says:

    I prefer white … better contrast.

  136. kmel says:

    Yellow is my choice.

  137. Giuseppe says:

    I like yellow

  138. Asm says:

    I’d quite like one. I’d prefer white, but yellow’s good too.

  139. Joshua Franz says:

    White definitely looks better!

  140. Noy says:

    Yellow is the right way. Think about the dust and dirt on a workbench… White will not last long white..

  141. gentor says:

    Nice work ! Buspirate rulez !

  142. javier says:


  143. Lawrence says:

    Cool yellow is the answer. Now I think this is a better cable than hook probes.

  144. César says:

    It’s got to be yellow.

  145. Tim says:

    I like the either of them, both are very readable.

  146. Dan says:

    White! Yellow looks like a warning label :)

  147. Bruce says:

    White. Without being given the choice I’d never think about it, but white.

  148. dps says:

    /me prefers yellow

    As Sjaak mentioned, those probes match the colors of Dangerous Prototypes!

  149. Hasith V says:

    hmm, I’d like a white set please!

  150. Mark says:

    White, definitely.

  151. Anders says:

    Yellow. Definitely Yellow.

  152. Steve says:

    White looks better.

  153. Rik says:

    White looks best

  154. Redbull says:

    I think the color depends

  155. Redbull says:

    I think the color depends on the individual but for me white is better.

  156. Bruce says:

    No more looking at the colour chart to determine the signal lines…white would be good

  157. Michael says:

    I choose white!

  158. Benjamin Fiset-Deschenes says:

    Why not yellow!

  159. Hector says:

    Yellow please!

  160. Xark says:

    They both look handy. I guess I prefer the white (slightly).

  161. Klaus says:


  162. Ela says:

    White for me, please.

  163. George says:

    White looks cleaner to me. I’m not terrifically picky though.

  164. Tomasz Kraj says:

    Looks great. Send me one :)))

  165. Zack says:

    White, it looks classy.

  166. William says:

    This would be very helpful! I am going to be using it more this year too.

  167. gentor says:

    however I prefer yellow one !

  168. Buspirate says:

    Can I have Yellow please? :-)

  169. Robert Thille says:

    I’d love a white one.

  170. Paul says:

    Yellow is more mellow

  171. chris says:

    The yellow is very fun
    I want it please!

  172. Steve says:

    A cable that fits my BP4 would be awesome in any colour.
    (Have you tried to get a cable for a BP4)

  173. Bill says:

    White would be easier to read, the printing would probably disappear before the white gets all that dirty?

  174. stlman says:

    both white and yello look nice.

  175. Joefitz says:

    Yellow! Excited to replace my second set of bp cables that have all but disintegrated from overuse…

  176. devgiant says:

    I wouldn’t mind receiving one to replace the one I’me using right now :)

  177. Ben McKellar says:

    white seems more neutral/professional, and easier to read.

  178. Dominic says:

    White looks best!

  179. pcb_build says:

    I like both white and yellow.

  180. Snowball says:

    I’m fond of the white one.

  181. Admir says:

    White! Yellow looks more like for labelling power cables.

  182. krit says:

    I like the yellow label, since white one will easily turn to gray with more hand touch.

  183. Topcyde says:

    I like yellow. I Received a bus pirate for Christmas I can test them out on.

  184. Akaz says:

    Random comment! 10 per hour seems really wrong though. 6 minutes each!?!

  185. Alexandre Mello says:

    Yellow !!!!!

  186. Jay says:

    White looks good.

  187. Josh Friend says:

    My vote is for yellow. It will probably stay cleaner than white.

  188. Jon Fleig says:

    Either white or yellow would satisfy me

  189. Tony Cekolin says:

    Nifty idea – yellow or white look good.

  190. Chasing Electrons says:

    White labels look better to me. But when debugging difficult problems it doesn’t really matter now does it?

  191. Andrew Rohne says:

    I like yellow. And I agree with the comment above that it matches your brand.

  192. Adam Perkins says:

    Looks great.

  193. Mick M says:

    Odd wires White, even Yellow.

    Mick M

  194. Eyeball Kirkenbach says:

    White please!

  195. kloot says:

    White please because of higher contrast and better readability!

  196. Stephen Heil says:

    Tough to decide… I’d go for WHITE because I’d be able to use sharpies to color code the leads more.

  197. jean-roger says:

    the yellow

  198. jtengland says:

    White, I say! :)

  199. Zeta says:

    I think yellow looks better.

  200. mehmet mersin says:

    I think white looks better.
    It will complicate things but maybe power lines and data lines in different colors can be more convenient. (eg: power/ground white, data yellow)

  201. Grant Tudor says:


  202. Graham says:

    Yellow, but only narrowly.

  203. Gerry says:

    Generally wire labels in instrumentation panels are always white so I’m voting for white.

  204. Oliver says:

    Yellow looks more DP obviously!

  205. werejag says:


  206. Jon says:

    I’d vote for white..

  207. sam says:

    White. Definitely white. :)

  208. J. Peterson says:

    Honestly, either color is fine with me; yellow if I have to choose.

  209. Kaz says:

    Yellow, because I don’t want to confuse this cable with my FPGA programmers’ labeled probe cable (which I think is also 2×5) and because it looks more DANGEROUS.

  210. Blaaz says:

    Yellow :)

  211. puretus says:

    One votet to yellow

  212. Andrea Ferrante says:

    yellow yellow yellow — can I have some – pretty please?

  213. Rogan Dawes says:

    I like the white ones, to be honest.

  214. Thomas says:

    one vote for yellow

  215. Steven says:

    These look really helpful. The white looks better (higher contrast)

  216. kevin says:

    I like white. I might be a little late, though. *fingers crossed*

  217. KC says:

    Yellow! I have few yellow wires and lots of white ones. The yellow will make them easier to find me thinks. Definitely Dangeresk.

  218. insurgent says:

    White! Hope I’m not too late!

  219. Shawn R says:

    I like both!

  220. Vitya says:

    White is the one….

  221. Philip says:

    Yellow! it matches my fluke meter :)

  222. Sleepwalker3 says:

    Yellow – But I opt out of the competiton, as I already used a coupon to get a set thankyou :) I would prefer female ends though, male aren’t as much use to me.

  223. Rob says:

    White is good.

  224. Jason W says:

    White for sure, much more noticeable amount a mass of wires.

  225. Josep Fernandez says:

    White seems ok to me.

  226. White is the better choice – nice and easy on the eyes to read. Would love to use these in our lab on campus! Thank you!

  227. Tom Carter says:

    One for me! XD

  228. Tom Carter says:

    Oops forgot to say, yellow!

  229. Justin Ennen says:

    Love my BPv4. The white looks absolutely stunning on these cables and IMO gives the entire setup that official “stand back im doing science” look.

    Had no idea I could use my BP as an AVR programming device. I’ve had this for over a year and am constantly amazed at all that it offers. I can’t help but to recommend the BP to fellow hackers everywhere because it is such a versatile tool I find new uses for weekly.

  230. Philip says:

    White looks great!

  231. Tom says:

    I would definitely go with white because of the fact that the black on white is a much bolder contrast and easier to see.

  232. thioden says:

    Would love to get my hands on one of the white ones! They look very nice.

  233. Mathew says:

    Yellow looks nice!!

  234. Jason G says:

    Yellow looks great to me!

  235. Daniel says:

    White is better for the eyes.

  236. mole0815 says:

    i think white looks better.
    btw i also woud be glad to call myselfe “owner” of such a probe. ;)

  237. Dendad51 says:

    White is the way to go. It is much easier to read. (particularly for us “older” folks)
    Maybe you could sell a kit of labels to allow users to shrink on to the leads them selves?
    Also, a set of female to female adapters as lots of times one needs to connect to a male header.

  238. KevinB says:

    Yay for white!

  239. Ral says:

    White looks better in my opinion.

  240. Norman says:

    I like the contrast of the yellow I think it will maintain good looks for longer than the white

  241. The Duke Of Highway J says:

    Im too late for this, right? Damn!
    I didnt even care for any particular color (if paisley wasnt available).

  242. jekkos says:

    yellow; please :)

  243. Derek says:

    would prefer white – love the idea in general.

  244. Mike Undi says:

    Yellow is mellow…and dangerous…and it gets my vote

  245. Shannon says:

    I like the white ones.

  246. Chris says:

    I prefer the look of the white, but I think the yellow is most likely to stand out in use, so I pick yellow.

    I’ll probably buy one either way when I get around to it.

  247. john says:

    Def. yellow. Not sure what it is. But, yellow gets my attention.

  248. mike_electronic says:


  249. Chris says:

    White looks great!!! I definitely like white!

  250. Chris McKernan says:

    White seems the cleanest – I do see why the yellow is of interest because of the brand. White is just clean and clear.

  251. Tom Wade says:

    I like the white, but also like the yellow. But the white does look cleaner.


  252. ted says:

    I want those micro pincers on mine, the bus pirate v4 cable has the wrong clips for me.

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