More Open Logic Sniffer cable options

There’s no update from Seeed about a custom Open Logic Sniffer cable, but Sjaak recommended a few other options from Seeed:

You can pick up an assembled Open Logic Sniffer at Seeed Studio for $45, including worldwide shipping.

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  2. Sure electronics on ebay have 20 (multi-coloured) 300mm F-F jumpers with quality wire and Dupont connectors for $5.40 including worldwide shipping. I have some and they’re quite nice. 100mm are too short to be useful in this application, in my opinion.

  3. Hence I pointed to the 300mm versions :D

    Sounds like a good deal btw! although they are almost the same price (and you order it together with just one supplier)

  4. Can’t we convince Seeed to make a 10 or 20 piece 300mm jumper cable pack selections? A selection of colors (like in the BusPirate cable) would be great.

  5. We have a request into Seeed for cables, they’re working on it. As with the Bus Pirate cable, Jack and I aren’t actually involved in the cable sales so we don’t have a lot of insight into the status. I’ll post more as soon as we hear anything.

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