Program your Arduino with a Android device

Jan Henrik wrote this Instructables demonstrating how to program an Arduino with Android device: in this Instructable I want to show you, how you can program your Arduino with your Android device. It is very simple and cheap. Also it allows us to program our Arduino where ever we want, this is usefull for permanently […]

Pocket-sized ultrasonic ruler

Bergerab made this Instructables detailing the build of his DIY pocket-sized ultrasonic ruler: Today everything is digitalized. Most of us don’t bother to waste our time using maps, going to the record store, or even going to the DVD store anymore. So… why are so many people using tape-measures and rulers? Yes, they are reliable, but they […]

Arduino-controlled RGB LED infinity mirror

Ben Finio wrote this Instructable detailing his RGB LED Infinity Mirror: It’s an RGB LED infinity mirror that lets you toggle between an adjustable-speed color-fade mode and a direct-control mode where you individually set the red, green, and blue LED brightness levels. The primary inspiration for this particular project comes from this infinity mirror Instructable and Adafruit’s […]

Indoor Environmental Quality station +Bluetooth +Thingspeak

Want to test the Indoor Environmental Quality in your home or office.  Here’s an Instructable by Donmatito on how to build your own. Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) is the measure of comfort and includes factors such as temperature, humidity, pressure, noise level, and indoor air quality. Don’s original goal was to monitor the IEQ of his […]

Instructables is having a huge 3D printer giveaway

Instructables is having a huge 3D printer giveaway. Enter until 6th of June for the chance to win an Objet desktop 3D printer with a 6 month printing material supply, an UP! 3D printer, or free 3D printing services: This is your chance to win an Objet 3D Printer with a 6 month supply of […]

Instructables is joining Autodesk

Congratulations to Eric, Christ, Laura, and the whole Instructables team! Instructables, the world’s largest show and tell, has joined 3D-modeling powerhouse Autodesk. Instructables was a great platform for our first how-tos, and we still enjoy posting there and entering the contests. the whole team is staying on, our policies haven’t changed, you still hold copyright to […]

RobotShop microcontroller Instructables contest

RobotShop has announced a contest for creative microcontroller projects posted on Instructables. To enter the contest you simply have to create a new photo, video, or step by step Instructable which incorporates a microcontroller and share your code. Whether your project is simple or complex, a video demonstrating it in action is a big plus! […]

Adafruit + Instructables make it Tweet challenge

Adafruit announced a Make It Tweet Challenge: We’re teaming up with Instructables to bring you the Make It Tweet Challenge. Ever wish you had a tweeting coffee pot that would announce via Twitter when a pot was ready? What about a potted plant that twittered when it needed to be watered? This is your chance […]

Instructables version of the Hackable Christmas card

The Instructables version of the Hackable Christmas card & ornament is up. Seeed has copies of the card as a surface mount kit for $12, or assembled for $15. The card is already being manufactured so it can be delivered ASAP. The Seeed stock numbers aren’t accurate, less than 100 are being produced and we’re […]

Script to convert HTML (WordPress) to Instructables format

We’ve been cross posting our original creations here and at Instructables. Instructables is an awesome site where anyone can demonstrate how to do anything. This is a WordPress blog, it uses HTML layout formatting. Instructables uses a kind of wiki-like markup. We whipped up a converter that replaces HTML elements with the Instructables equivalent. There’s […]