Limor Fried of Adafruit named 2012 Entrepreneur of the year

Limor Fried (aka Ladyada) founder of Adafruit was named Entrepreneur of 2012 by the Entrepreneur Magazine. We really appreciate everything the Adafruit team does to carve out a space for the Open Hardware industry. Congratulations to Limor! With $10,000 her parents had allocated for her tuition, Fried bought a bulk quantity of parts and began […]

Internet connected camera using Arduino

Our friends at Adafruit have put together a detailed tutorial on construction of your own Internet of Things Camera. They combine the Arduino with their data logger shield outfitted with the Eye-Fi wireless SD card (first gen model) and a TTL Serial JPEG Camera shield. The result is a self-contained wireless monitoring camera with motion-sensing […]

Adafruit’s wearable electronics platform and accessories

Adafruit announced a new line of wearable electronics called FLORA. It is a Arduino compatible circuit designed to interface with various wearable electronics devices like sensors, and LEDs. For the last few years Ladyada has been thinking about everything she wanted in a wearable electronics platform for Adafruit’s community of makers, hackers, crafters, artists, designers […]

Mini Thermal Printer from Adafruit

If you need a hardcopy compact printer for your next MCU project, check out Adafruit’s Mini Thermal Receipt Printer Starter Pack. This device takes TTL serial data at 19200 baud and prints out data and images. The starter pack lists for $61.95 and includes 50′ of thermal printer paper, a 5V 2A power supply and […]

New Open 7400 Logic Competition sponsor: Adafruit Industries

Adafruit Industries is the latest sponsor of the Open 7400 Competition. Up for grabs is one of their new microtouch AVR development board. this and other prizes could be yours, but only if you get your entry in!

0603 0805 resistor and capacitor kits at Adafruit

octal and several others tipped us to Adafruit’s new 0805 and 0603 resistor and capacitor books: Just to let you know that Adafruit is selling two new SMD parts kits in 805 and 603 sizes, each binder having both resistors and capacitor priced around 28 euros only The nice thing is that on each package […]

Comparing Adafruit and Gravitech microSD boards

jbeale compared the Adafruit and Gravitech’s microSD boards: The shape is a bit different, but both boards work as intended. Both have LEDs, but the Gravitech LED is on whenever a card is inserted (I think using the socket’s mechanical card detect switch) and the Adafruit LED blinks while data is transferred to/from the card, […]

Server hosting Adafruit style

Adafruit took pity on us and shared some valuable web hosting experience: After hearing about Dangerous Prototype’s search&move to a new hosting provider, we thought we’d post up about our hosting experiences! We currently use ServInt for our hosting provider. They’re what we would classify as a ‘full service’ provider. Basically they own the computer, […]

Adafruit + Instructables make it Tweet challenge

Adafruit announced a Make It Tweet Challenge: We’re teaming up with Instructables to bring you the Make It Tweet Challenge. Ever wish you had a tweeting coffee pot that would announce via Twitter when a pot was ready? What about a potted plant that twittered when it needed to be watered? This is your chance […]

A few words on Million dollar baby

Adafruit gave a presentation at Foo Camp about businesses that make money selling open source hardware. We’re ecstatic to be included in the ‘approaching a million in revenue’ category with household names like Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories, Bug Labs, and DIY Drones. It went down like this… pt sent an email to a bunch of […]