WiFi IoT 3 channel relay board with MQTT and HTTP API using ESP8266

Martin writes:

The ESP8266 DHT22/LED blinker project grew into a M2M relay board project with the following features in mind:

  • Relatively small (10x5cm) PCB
  • Powered via on-board power supply or externally via a micro-USB plug
  • Has three 2A Sharp Solid State Relays (later version has 8A SSR)
  • DHT22 humidity/temperature and/or DS18b20 temperature sensor support to use for thermostat purposes
  • WiFi (of course) in Static/Dynamic IP mode
  • Native MQTT support (both publish and subscribe, controlling the relays and reading sensors over MQTT)
  • HTTP/JSON API for setting/getting relay board properties
  • Fancy jQuery UI for remote control via smartphone/tablet/laptop from anywhere in the world
  • Web-configurable WiFi/MQTT/Sensor settings
  • NTP support
  • In the pipeline
    • Basic HTTP authentication to protect the web interface
    • Dynamic DNS support so that the module’s IP is always known
    • I2C status display support
    • Custom made plastic box/cover
    • Scheduling functionality

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