RFM69_ATC: Automatic Transmission Control

Felix of LowPowerLab writes: There is now a new extension to the RFM69 library. It’s called RFM69_ATC aka Automatic Transmission Control. Many thanks to Tom Studwell who implemented this and shared it in the forum. The basic idea behind this extension is to allow your nodes to dial down transmission power based on the received […]

Radio thermostat CT-50 review and install

Felix of LowPowerLab writes: I mentioned before that there’s added support for HTTP requests in the gateway interface. That allows using things like wi-fi thermostats, and this story is a review of how I did just that. I wanted to integrate the home thermostat into the Moteino IOT Framework Gateway and be able to control […]

Moteino IoT sprinkler controller automation

Felix of LowPowerLab writes: Another node type is now available on the Gateway automation interface: a sprinkler controller. This is achievable through a board I designed to be able to control many outputs. I call this board IOShield and it features two 74HC595 serial to parallel shift registers. The IOShields are daisy chainable and can […]

DoorBell + Moteino = Awesome

Felix of LowPowerLab has written an article detailing his DIY Moteino DoorBell: A lonely doorbell activated by a boring push-button at the front door is not very exciting in a world of Arduino and “Internet of Things”. I’ve been wanting to Arduinize the doorbell into the Moteino Framework gateway interface so that I could: observe/count/graph when the doorbell […]

Adventures in Moteino: Remote temperature monitor

  Colin over at CuPID Controls writes: We want to put our remote sense and control modules out into the wild and read and aggregate them as it makes sense. Our basic system layout is as below. We’ve got multiple wireless nodes that broadcast data periodically, and a controller/aggregator that will log this data, acknowledge […]