DoorBell + Moteino = Awesome


Felix of LowPowerLab has written an article detailing his DIY Moteino DoorBell:

A lonely doorbell activated by a boring push-button at the front door is not very exciting in a world of Arduino and “Internet of Things”. I’ve been wanting to Arduinize the doorbell into the Moteino Framework gateway interface so that I could:

  • observe/count/graph when the doorbell is used
  • get notified when someone rings it if I am not at home (email, SMS etc)
  • play a sound when I am in my lab where I have a hard time hearing the chime (did I hear it or not? should I go upstairs to check? nah… I’m too lazy busy for that)
  • ring the bell if I want to, *remotely* from your mobile device (why not right? just detecting is too boring)

Project info at LowPowerLab.

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