ZeroBoy – A poor man’s retropie “portable”

A nice build log of ZeroBoy portable retropie project, that is available on Github: You know when you see something and it give you instant inspiration and you also see a few ways you would also improve it. The thing I seen was wonky resistor score zero it’s basically a raspberry pi “hat” that has […]

Arduboy – card sized gaming

The final Arduboy, an Arduino gaming and learning project, came out yesterday. Kevin has been in Shenzhen arranging manufacturing for the last few months. He’s also been a staple at the neighborhood BBQ place and Hacker Camp after parties, some of us even got access to pre-release dev-kits. Of all the project builds I’ve witnessed […]

Build a robotic air-hockey opponent out of RepRap parts

Jose Julio likes to tinker with robotics; his daughter likes air hockey. From these mutual interests, an Arduino and a handful of surplus parts from a RepRap 3D printer, Jose devised an air hockey game with a robotic opponent. “The project is based on standard RepRap 3D printer parts : NEMA17 stepper motors, drivers, Arduino […]

Linux SteamOS beta available for download

SteamOS is the currently-in-beta Linux-based operating system that will power Valve’s new gaming-PCs-turned-consoles. While the Steam crew has been busy readying 300 beta Steam Machines, they’ve taken the time to release the code for download by Linux enthusiasts. As they describe it, SteamOS Beta is the first public release of our Linux-based operating system. The […]

Control your Xbox 360 RF Module with an Attiny45

tin0 wrote a post on how to control your Xbox 360 RF Module with an Attiny45, we wrote about it previously: Buying an Arduino or an Raspberry Pi for using your freshly harvested Xbox 360 RF Module is somewhat pricy and overscaled for this job. There are very cheap Microcontrollers out there which can communicate with ~130 […]

Flight Simulator X – Arduino-driven autopilot controller

The Microsoft Flight Simulator X is a popular (though not open source) program used by many aeronautical enthusiasts and gamers. (There’s even a free trial version.) One aspect of the simulator is to allow the user to enter an autopilot mode, whereby various modes can be controlled using a 3D point-and-click interface. Practical use of […]

Ouya game dev CREATE contest

The Ouya is a soon to be released $99 gaming console. It was funded in August, 2012 via Kickstarter to the tune of $8+ million, and hardware should be shipping starting in April. The console is based on Android Jelly Bean and includes a Tegra3 quad-core processor, 1GB RAM, 8GB of internal flash storage, HDMI […]

Open pinball project

The Open Pinball Project is a cooperative effort to develop open source pinball hardware and software. Their stated goal is to “to build the perfect pinball machine, or at least a pinball machine for a reasonable price!” To date they’ve worked at restoring a number of old machines, learning valuable lessons in the process. Their […]

SNES FLASH/ROM runs custom Super Nintendo code

dext0rb from The Electrified Fooling Machine Company has just finished work on a project which allows custom Super Nintendo code to run on an SNES FLASH/ROM. He writes, “I wanted to make and play an updated version of NBA JAM an SNES hardware, so I made this device. Load a game ROM to the device […]

Pip-Boy 3000 game controller proto using Arduino

If you’re into the gaming scene, then you know that Fallout is a pretty popular post nuclear simulation game. A fan of the game wanted to create a prototype of the game’s wrist mounted controller known as the Pip-Boy 3000. MyMagicPudding writes: This is the first test of my attempt to build a working Pip-Boy […]