Build a robotic air-hockey opponent out of RepRap parts

Jose Julio likes to tinker with robotics; his daughter likes air hockey. From these mutual interests, an Arduino and a handful of surplus parts from a RepRap 3D printer, Jose devised an air hockey game with a robotic opponent.
“The project is based on standard RepRap 3D printer parts : NEMA17 stepper motors, drivers, Arduino Mega, RAMPS, belts , bearings, rods, printed pieces. The main advantage of use these parts is that they are cheap and easily available. First I started with the construction of the air hockey table. I choose a medium size (my house is small) and I wanted something easily transportable but comfortable to play. The final dimensions are 100x60cm.

For the puck detection problem I decided to use a computer vision system. Initially I planned to use the CMUCAM5 (Pixy) sensor that fits very well in this project (and in near future I will prepare a version for this sensor), but the camera is not available yet, so I started a new route: Use the PS3 EYE camera with a PC to develop the vision system. I developed the vision system in C language using OpenCV libraries for capturing, thresholding, filtering and segmentation.”

Complete build details can be found on Jose’s site, with the code hosted on GitHub.

Via BoingBoing.

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