PWM generator and servo tester with ATtiny45

Jan Henrik wrote this Instructable detailing the build of his PWM generator and servo tester with ATtiny45: This PWM generator also works as servotester, it supports all kinds of servos, which dont need more then 5V Features: Operating voltage: 5V Max PWM current: 1 A PWM frequency (by now) : 500HZ , I am trying to make that changeable, […]

ATtiny45 project adds sound activation to PC

Here’s an interesting fun project for the ATtiny45 which lets you wake up your PC by just knocking. Joonas Pihlajamaa posted the detailed project log at CodeAndLife. He describes, “Hardware-wise it’s a simple thing – ATtiny45 emulating a PS/2 device, sending a keypress when three knocks are detected in the attached piezoelectric sensor (or piezo […]

Control your Xbox 360 RF Module with an Attiny45

tin0 wrote a post on how to control your Xbox 360 RF Module with an Attiny45, we wrote about it previously: Buying an Arduino or an Raspberry Pi for using your freshly harvested Xbox 360 RF Module is somewhat pricy and overscaled for this job. There are very cheap Microcontrollers out there which can communicate with ~130 […]

Little Wire – minimal AVR programmer and more

The Little Wire is an open source AVR programmer that’s packed full of features: An AVR programer Four digital GPIO pins ADC with 10 bit resolution Two parallel hardware PWM outputs An USB interface A SPI interface It is built to be DIY friendly by using all through hole components. It is also an open […]