RePhone kit: World’s first open source and modular phone

Seeed Studio has announced that RePhone, an open source and modular phone kit  is now being offered on Kickstarter! With Rephone you can: 1.Create your own phone in minutes with the slim MODULES, accessible SOFTWARE, and customizable Phone Enclosures. 2.Hack anything around you, giving inanimate objects the power of cellular communication. Have a conversation with […]

Dobot: Robotic Arm for everyone, Arduino & Open Source

Here’s an interesting open source project on Kickstarter the magical robotic arm, Dobot: Designed for DESKTOP. Arduino-powered, 4-axis parallel-mechanism robot arm with High Quality. For makers, educators, and everyone! We are six engineers who built a 4-axis high accuracy, high repeat precision, stepper motor, Arduino-based, desktop robotic arm called Dobot. You can visit his Kickstart page […]

Arduboy – card sized gaming

The final Arduboy, an Arduino gaming and learning project, came out yesterday. Kevin has been in Shenzhen arranging manufacturing for the last few months. He’s also been a staple at the neighborhood BBQ place and Hacker Camp after parties, some of us even got access to pre-release dev-kits. Of all the project builds I’ve witnessed […]

OneRNG – an open source entropy generator

Moonbase Otago is pleased to announce its Kickstarter campaign for OneRNG – an open source hardware entropy generator: OneRNG is a USB key in the same form factor as a USB flash drive, it’s an entropy generator, it makes random bitstreams suitable for feeding to your computer’s encryption systems to make better and faster keys […]

MeArm – Pocket sized industrial robotics for everybody

Here’s an interesting open source project on Kickstarter the MeArm, a pocket size robot Arm by Benjamin Gray: Low cost, easy to build and simple to control, MeArm is designed to make learning with robotics accessible for everyone. MeArm is a pocket size robot arm. It was conceived to make robotics, electronics and programming accessible […]

Lo-Fi SES: Hackable 8-bit chiptunes instrument

Here’s an interesting open source project on Kickstarter the Lo-Fi SES (Sound Entertainment System) by Assorted Wires: The Lo-Fi SES (Sound Entertainment System) makes the process of playing an instrument easy by providing a video game controller interface for the lo-fi instrument. The d-pad allows you to change or record tracks, the buttons play the various sounds, […]

Data logger handles four thermocouples

Charles Edward Pax has announced that the T400 temperature datalogger is now being offered on Kickstarter! The Pax Instruments T400 datalogger is an open source four-channel thermocouple temperature datalogger based on the Arduino™ Leonardo platform. It is ready to use out of the box with the features you want most. Measurements can be logged to […]

OTTO – The hackable GIF camera

Gustavo Huber and his friends announced that OTTO – the hackable GIF camera is now being offered on Kickstarter! OTTO lets YOU decide how it takes pictures. Besides being the only camera that makes animated GIFs, OTTO’s an image making machine that can transform into hundreds of different cameras with a quick tap. GIFs, time lapses, impromptu […]

Re:Load Pro – A DC active load

Here’s an interesting open source project on Kickstarter the Re:Load Pro by Nick Johnson of Arachnid Labs: Today I’m finally launching the Re:load Pro on kickstarter. The Re:load Pro takes all the advantages of the original Re:load, and improves upon them with a robust benchtop case, a good quality display and UI, an isolated USB interface, and an […]

Bartendro serves up cocktails using open source

Bartendro is a robotic cocktail dispensing machine controlled by a Raspberry Pi. Dispensing of drink components is via peristaltic pumps which dispense a known volume with every revolution of the motor to precisely meter drinks. The Party Robotics developers explain, “Each pump combined with our custom electronics is called a “dispenser.” The dispenser boards use […]

Kickstarter fundraising for Hackermoms

Mothership Hackermoms, a hackerspace for moms, is having a kickstarter campaign to help them equip a workshop and create a business incubator for moms. We were tipped about this from Akiba at freaklabs, whom you might recognize from our Akihibara electronics market video from earlier this year. Hi guys. I’m helping to raise funds for […]

freeSoC PSoC dev board

The freeSoC is a Programmable System on Chip (PSoC) based development board currently being developed by Jon Moeller, a student at Texas A & M University. Freesoc uses the PSoC5 chip from Cypress Semiconductors, which is supported by their free, full-featured PSoC Creator IDE. These programmable logic devices are really amazing and are definitely worth […]

RadioBlock adds RF comms to your embedded project

Here’s an interesting project we found on Kickstarter. Known as RadioBlock, this device promises to provide a simple “radio building block” for your embedded projects. The blocks have a four pin connector, two for 3-6 Vdd and ground, and two for TTL serial comms. The RF link consists of an IEEE802.15.4 Atmel RF231 module and […]

A look at the Teensy 3.0 testbed of nails

SJaak refers us to this article by Paul Stoffregen about how they test new Teensy 3.0 boards using a “testbed of nails.” Essentially the Teensy 3.0 crew has developed this testing interface which gives them a way to test every new board by bringing it into contact with the test jig’s pins. The result is […]

Mini I2C OLED Display with just 4 connections

Joshua Jach has developed and released his mini I2C OLED display. The project, which has been fully funded via KickStarter, provides a simple way to interface MCUs to a small Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) Display based on the SSD1306 driver. The OLED Module is controlled via I2C fast-mode, with a bit rate up to 400kbit/s. […]

Arduino-controlled espresso machine

Gleb Polyakov and Igor Zamlinsky of Atlanta, GA have designed this proportional-integral-derivative (PID) controlled espresso machine. Based upon their observations after reverse engineering a number of espresso units, the pair worked on developing a machine which would be reasonably priced, open source, be espresso pod compatible and have a PID controller. Temperature and pressure are […]

Minibloq: developing a graphical programming environment for Arduino

Minibloq is a graphical programming environment for Arduino and other physical computing devices, such as DuinoBot or Maple. One of its main goals is to bring closer Arduino, Multiplo and other platforms to primary schools, kids and beginners. It’s currently under development, and they are conducting a Kickstarter campaign with the goal of finishing the […]