A Silverlink clone to rescue pre-USB calculators

Geekboy1011 over at the Cemetech forum has been working on a Silverlink clone software for the Arduino Leonardo (ATmega32U4) microcontroller development board: Texas Instruments’ Silverlink is a product to connect calculators without USB ports (namely everything except the TI-84 Plus series and the TI-89 Titanium) to computers’ USB ports to transfer files, screenshots, and operating systems.

Nomech mini, a 4×4 capacitive touch button grid

Kasbah posted an update on his Nomech mini project we covered we previously: So after some wrangling with the code I got the charging and discharging of the sampling capacitor working.  CH1 is the slope pin which is used for discharging the sample capacitor (and then measuring the time it takes to discharge ). These […]

Nomech mini, a 4×4 capacitive touch button grid

Kasbah posted his Nomech mini project, a 4×4 projected capactive touch board using Atmega32u4 and back-fire LEDs for each button in the project log forum: It fits SoB 100x80mm but the top acrylic will sit right on top of the PCB as the dielectric properties of whatever is touching the electrodes matters a lot. If […]

SNES FLASH/ROM runs custom Super Nintendo code

dext0rb from The Electrified Fooling Machine Company has just finished work on a project which allows custom Super Nintendo code to run on an SNES FLASH/ROM. He writes, “I wanted to make and play an updated version of NBA JAM an SNES hardware, so I made this device. Load a game ROM to the device […]

Introducing the Microtouch

The Microtouch is a lightweight AVR based open source touch screen device powered by the Atmega32u4. It features a 320×240 pixel touchscreen, an accelerometer, full speed USB, a micro-SD card reader and support for a lithium ion battery. It is supported by an application framework of sorts and it is possible to run a variety […]