Arduboy – card sized gaming

The final Arduboy, an Arduino gaming and learning project, came out yesterday. Kevin has been in Shenzhen arranging manufacturing for the last few months. He’s also been a staple at the neighborhood BBQ place and Hacker Camp after parties, some of us even got access to pre-release dev-kits.

Of all the project builds I’ve witnessed in Shenzhen, Arduboy stands out as the best example of what you can do here in a short time if you’re well prepared and have a reasonable project scope. Kevin landed ready to go, with electronics and (most) mechanical design complete. In China he refined Arduboy for production with the help of his local manufacturing partners. The result is excellent. Congratulations Kevin!

You can visit hisĀ Kickstart page for more info.

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  1. Arduboy looks great. I would prefer a larger model (bigger screen and battery, more buttons, sd card etc) but I suppose that just means I’m not the target audience.

  2. $40, yeah – right. Given the crowd funding levels (equals economy of scale), the margins (profit) on these things must be Huge. Look, if you are into this kind of retro game thing, do it right with a nice color (OLED?) display, perhaps more. Otherwise just pick-up an old Game-Boy.

    1. Kevin had been busy for more then a year to developing/designing it. That needs to be payed too dont you think?

      The cost of a project is more then just the parts and assembly cost..

      1. Until someone clones it. Not that Kevin doesn’t deserve a reward, but I can see clones being cheaper.

        And also technically isn’t Kickstarter there to cover development costs? There’s still an entrepreneur risk, but having the first one and advertising through Kickstarter should be nice for Kevin.

  3. Interesting that they used such a tiny battery at 180mAh. And they get 8 hours they say? Does the math work out to almost 23mA in a second? That might work, it’s just an oled display and processor.

    Is it the thing above the red buttons? Because that thing is tiiiiny. Otherwise I can’t see it. I think the upper left thing is a power switch.

    More than I’d wish there were colors, I’d wish there were sounds.

    Anyway, mild skepticism done. Nice thing. Looks like people like it, too!

    1. > Is it the thing above the red buttons?
      That appears to be the piezo. The battery I guess is behind the PCB.

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