Workshop Update for June 19th, 2012

Today was mostly documentation day. We wrote another Eagle tutorial, this time on how to make plated holes for your PCBs. We will run it tomorrow, as our regular “HOW TO” post. We also continued with some renders of a soon to be released product. We spent lots of time editing the render in Photoshop, […]

Site updates

Over the last few weeks we moved most project-related stuff to the new documentation wiki. This week it became official: we pointed all the project links at the top of the blog to the new wiki pages. Here’s some highlights: Projects currently in development Project list Updated Bus Pirate manual Get involved: help wanted

USB IR Toy: Sampling mode

See the latest version in the documentation wiki. The USB IR Toy test firmware v1.04 has a new infrared sampling mode that will be used by the upcoming WinLIRC plugin. This mode times the duration of infrared pulses and sends the measurements to the computer. It’s currently receive-only, but we’ll add a compatible transmit feature […]

Updated Bus Pirate documentation

There’s a freshly updated Bus Pirate menu command and syntax guide on the documentation wiki. This guide consolidates a ton of notes and caveats that were previously spread around tons of smaller posts. It is updated to the firmware v5.2 release candidate. The main Bus Pirate wiki page has also been updated. A lot of […]

Week in (p)review: July 4, 2010

Here’s some highlights from the past week, in case you missed them: Bus Pirate firmware v5.1 was released. v5.0 was a major update with lots of changes, v5.1 corrects some bugs we missed in beta testing. Logic Sniffer test release v2.11 extends the memory available for samples and implements RLE for 8 and 16bit modes. […]

Documentation wiki now available

A new documentation wiki has replaced the old project manual pages. A bunch of stuff has already been moved and formatted for the wiki. The wiki is open for public editing. We could use your help moving and updating guides,  and adding important details from the blog comments. If you move something from the blog […]