Bus Pirate: Bootloader v4.3/v4.4 upgrade

See the latest version in the documentation wiki. Bus Pirate developers have been using an updated v4 bootloader for several months. It’s tested really well, so we packaged it in an installer. Bootloader v4.3/v4.4 is a minor update of v4.1/4.2. It is not a required update. Any v4+ firmware will work with any v4+ bootloader. […]

Bus Pirate: Firmware updates with ds30 Loader

See the latest version in the documentation wiki. In preparation for the v4.2 Bus Pirate firmware release, here’s an instruction guide for upgrading with the ds30 Loader GUI. Firmware v4+ requires a new bootloader. The new bootloader is an adaptation of the open source ds30 Loader. The new bootloader v4+ uses a new upgrade application, […]

Web platform bootloader hacking

Mikael Gustafsson, developer of the ds30 Loader we depend on for lots of projects, spent some time hacking the web platform bootloader. His insights are posted below, you can download his bootloader tests in an archive or from the project SVN. Because of the “long” download times I tweaked the bootloader firmware a little. Changed […]

Bus Pirate bootloader v4 console for Linux, Mac

It looks like some people are having problems with the ds30 Loader GUI for the Bus Pirate v4 bootloader on Linux or Mac with Mono, and many would prefer not to install Mono at all. pppd cooked up a simple console application (updated version here) for the v4 bootloader in Linux and MacOSX (and Windows). […]

Bus Pirate bootloader v3 testers, help needed

ds30 Loader is the new bootloader we’ve chosen to replace the broken AN1157 bootloader currently in the Bus Pirate. It has a bunch of benefits: Takes less than 10 seconds to update the firmware Fixes the ‘slow’ bootloader problem effecting some PICs Opens 6KB of program space for more features Applications for Windows, Linux, and […]