Web platform: uIP TCP/IP stack with multitasking

There’s some new features in  Bonybrown’s  uIP TCP/IP stack project for the web platform. Some notable changes are:

  • The code runs 3 “tasks” that it multitasks between. One for the IP stack, one for the serial port (debugging help) and another for a handler for telnet (port 23).
  • The telnet server task is pretty easily extendable
  • It should be reasonably easy to write a web server task now, but without the ability to read files, you can’t serve much

We’ll be using the open source uIP stack port in all our future networked projects, it solves the licensing issues with Microchip’s non-distributable code. The uIP port doesn’t have as many features as the Microchip stack, yet, but it’s already a viable alternative for us. Most of our projects, like the #twatch and @tweet_tree, just use a simple TCPIP client.

The latest uIP port source is in the SVN. Previous updates here.

Seeed is making a small second batch of web platforms. You can probably backorder one at Seeed, they should be available in a few weeks.

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          1. this post might as well describe tricks you can train your pet passenger pigeon.

            is there anything coming along to replace this?

            1. Hi Sk – do you mean the web platform or the documentation :) The web platform will be in stock at Seeed again shortly. We’re currently working on a project with the uIP stack and will try to document it in that article.

          2. I was considering buying a web platform, but when I saw that Seeed was down to the last three, I figured that something else was coming along. I don’t learn well on theory. I need something to play with.

            Care to share any details on the next gen item?

            1. The next batch will be the same as the previous. Maybe in the future we’ll make a new PCB, but we’re sticking with the same design for now.

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