Web platform USB power supply

See the latest version on the documentation wiki.

Markus Gritsch added a USB power supply jumper to his web platform:

I found it convenient to be able to power the Web Platform using my iPhone USB charger and a normal USB cable.  It is also convenient when presenting the board to friends and powering it using their computer.  Therefore I soldered a pluggable (via two DIL socket pins) connection from the USB power to the 3.3 volts regulator (picture attached).  I measured the consumed current which is about 200 mA, so when powering no additional hardware with the Web Platform it should be ok for most USB ports.

In a future revision of the board maybe a switch could be added to choose the power source, similar to the solution on the Seeeduino.

You can buy an assembled web platform for $40, including worldwide shipping.

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  1. Pretty cool!

    Ideally, though, the FTDI chip would be programmed with the current draw so that the host computer knows how much power is disappearing through that USB port.

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