CadSoft releases EAGLE Version 6 for beta testing

Eagle has released beta Version 6 of their CAD software for public testing. They note: We suggest that only users who already have experience with previous versions of EAGLE participate in the beta test. If you are new to EAGLE please use our current release version. CadSoft notes that the beta version is NOT for […]

ATtiny2313 based servo tester has developed this project for a simple ATtiny2313 based servo tester. This device lets you test servos by varying the pulse width between limits of 0.8000 ms and 2.2000 ms selectable through the use of four buttons. While the schematic shows an Atmel AT90S2313, the circuit will work with the popular ATtiny2313 using version […]

Web platform and Thermal Tweeter wireless tethering

The Thermal Tweeter needs a wired ethernet internet connection to get tweets. At the Open Hardware Summit and Maker Faire we’ll be lucky to have wifi. Likely we’ll need to use a 3G wireless connection. We need a way to bridge the wireless data services to a wired connection. Today we picked up a cheap […]

Update: Seeed Studio to help Japan

An update from an earlier post, Seeed Studio has come up with a design for their radiation detector. Well, as always our product will be open-sourced and hackable with flexible working conditions and at a comparatively lower price. Importantly, they will be plenty of stock. And we are also thinking a distribution pattern calls “sell […]

Attiny2313 based LAN cable tester

Vasilis Stergiopoulos has built a RJ45 LAN cable tester. The circuit was originally designed to use a 555 and 4017 IC, but Vasilis has published the schematic and source code in assembly for using the Attiny2313 instead. The Attiny2313 produces successive outputs at port D, where the LAN-cable is connected. If a straight cable is […]

Test script processor for the Bus Pirate

Here’s another use for the AT Command Script Processor we posted last week. We’ve been using to run test scripts on new Bus Pirate firmwares. Get a Bus Pirate v3b for $30, including worldwide shipping at Seeed Studio. Adafruit also has the Bus Pirate and probe cables in stock and ready to ship. Each Bus […]