USB IR Toy prototype testing

Testing a USB IR Toy update, the infrared light is visible to the camera.

This design uses three LEDs. Two 50degree wide-angle LEDs on the side, and a 25 degree narrow beam LED in the center.

Total current is 100mA, could be pushed to 200mA. Using 3 LEDs let us use a smaller current limiting resistor.

What do you want? One LED or three? Vote in the poll.

Follow our progress in the development thread.

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  1. If you use a current source to drive the LED you can use small resistors. The most simple current source is a NPNBJT with a couple of diodes (in the base), a resistor in the emitter and the LED in the collector. If you need more info I can help but design equations are very simple.

    1. Hi m3,

      It could be, but it does not currently support that. It could be added to the firmware with some coding.

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