USB LCD Backpack PIC18F24J50 free PCB build update

Dolabra posted an update on his USB LCD Backpack PIC18F24J50 free PCB build. This version used a different chip than the 18F2550 we used in the final revision. The USB LCD Backpack connects HD44780-compatible character LCD screens to your USB port. I put the bootloader problems aside and finished the UART support. This version will […]

USB LCD Backpack PIC18F24J50 free PCB build

Dolabra built a free USB LCD backpack PCB. His version is one of our prototypes based on the PIC18F24J50 microcontroller, which is different to the one we sell at Seeed with a PIC18F2550 uC. He had to do some coding to adapt it to the new chip. If you build a free PCB we’ll send you […]

Week in (p)review: August 29, 2010

Here’s some highlights from the past week, in case you missed them: v06 USB Infrared Toy firmware with transmit mode The USB LCD backpack is nearly ready for a prototype The computer controlled voltage/current source/sink picked up a few new contributors Bus Pirate v4 worked over USB for the first time There’s a new collection […]