ATTiny44 controlled Hatsune Miku animated techno leekspin

Scott Harden produced this project a while back and decided to pull it out of the archives and send it in. Its a mock up of a Hatsune Miku character singing a techno version of the leekspin song (hence the leek in the character’s right hand.) “The goal was to create a minature Miku which […]

ATtiny2313 based servo tester has developed this project for a simple ATtiny2313 based servo tester. This device lets you test servos by varying the pulse width between limits of 0.8000 ms and 2.2000 ms selectable through the use of four buttons. While the schematic shows an Atmel AT90S2313, the circuit will work with the popular ATtiny2313 using version […]

Chronos controlled door lock

Addidis posted the above short video of his project controlling a door lock using the ez430-Chronos watch. He describes the hardware: Chipkit MAX32 , 2 Xbees, Chronos Control center, and a Chronos watch controlling a servo. (I’m gonna hot glue it to my door knob lock switch and not have to use my key any […]

Animatronic mouths

Chris from Pyroelectro wrote previously about his work developing robotic eyebrows. Now he’s experimenting with adding a new dimension to this robotic face, an animatronic mouth. Here’s another article I thought you guys would enjoy…..this article shows you two simple methods for building a believable robotic mouth. One articulated using a Servo and moveable, the […]