HDMI current booster fixes Raspberry Pi video instability

Orlando Cosimo with Creativity/Design blog was experiencing instability problems with the HDMI output on the Raspberry Pi which are typical when using an HDMI to VGA adapter. He devised this solution using three resistors and an LM317 voltage regulator. Orlando states, “This addon hardware extends a past project and it allow to increase the flow […]

R-Pi based Volvo S80 replacement nav system

Reinis has been working on this Raspberry Pi based project for some time. It’s about replacing stock navigation system for Volvo S80 (which does not, and will not have maps for my home country). It had a nice motorized display and buttons on steering wheel for control. I really did want everything to be as […]

Embedded Pi bridges R-Pi or STM32 with Arduino shields

The crew at Element 14 has announced the release of a combo R-Pi/STM32 interface board compatible with Arduino shields. The Embedded Pi is based on the STMicroelectronics STM32F103 MCU and is open-source (see Technical Documents for schematic, layout and BOM). It can operate as a bridge between Raspberry Pi and Arduino shields and in standalone […]

Old display reverse engineered to work with a Raspberry Pi

Old Display Reverse Engineered to work with a Raspberry Pi: Dimitri, Frank, Kevin and Robin from Eectronique have sent in some details of a project that they have been working on. They had an old early 90′s LED matrix sign and wanted to make it work with a Raspberry Pi. The circuit layout is what […]

DIY Daft Punk helmet using a Raspberry Pi

Ryan Longo and Michu worked together to make this cool DIY Daft Punk helmet with Raspberry Pi –  software by Michu, the idea and hardware by Ryan Longo: So I wrote a Netty based Java application using Pi4J which does exactly this. The UDP2I2C source is published on GitHub My application receive UDP data in the […]

OpenWrt now supports Raspberry Pi

The OpenWrt Release Team has announced the final Attitude Adjustment Release (12.09) OpenWrt is a famous Linux distribution for embedded devices. It was started as a replacement for the original firmware of routers and access points. On April 25, they announced the new version, named Attitude Adjustment (12.09), that adds the new brcm2708 target, that is the […]

RFM12Pi V2 – Raspberry Pi wireless expansion board

Glyn Hudson over at OpenEnergyMonitor posted an update on the RFM12Pi Raspberry Pi wireless expansion board: Here is the latest version of the RFM12Pi Raspberry Pi wireless expansion board. Like the V1 the RFM12Pi V2 allows the Raspberry Pi to receive and transmit data via RFM12B 433/868mhz from and to other wireless nodes such as the emonTx, […]

Hand of PI (Twitter controlled robot hand)

IronJungle built this Twitter robot hand and wrote a detailed explanation describing the build. Control a Robot Hand by sending a tweet to @OurCatDoor. The Robot Hand understand the following commands. If your tweet includes one these commands in the text, the “Hand of PI” obeys your command. Valid commands are (lowercase): one (holds up […]

PiPurr remote cat interaction server

When the cats away, the mice will play. But…. what’s the cat doing when YOU’RE away? That question led Tris of CantHack, a group of geeks from Canterbury, UK, to develop PiPurr. Tris explains, “PiPurr is a simple client-server solution. The server runs on a Raspberry Pi, for low power consumption and provides the functionality […]

Interfacing an I2C GPIO expander (MCP23017) to the Raspberry Pi using C++ (SYSFS)

Hertaville posted a detailed tutorial on interfacing the MCP23017 to the Raspberry Pi using C++ (SYSFS): In this blog entry I will demonstrate how to successfully interface the MCP23017 general purpose input/output (GPIO) expander from Microchip, to the Raspberry Pi over the I2C bus.

Bartendro serves up cocktails using open source

Bartendro is a robotic cocktail dispensing machine controlled by a Raspberry Pi. Dispensing of drink components is via peristaltic pumps which dispense a known volume with every revolution of the motor to precisely meter drinks. The Party Robotics developers explain, “Each pump combined with our custom electronics is called a “dispenser.” The dispenser boards use […]

Raspberry Pi – DSTAR amateur radio net

The Raspberry Pi /DStar amateur radio group on Facebook combines two hobbies together, The Raspberry Pi computer and D-STAR radio. The group wants you to know about their R-Pi/D-STAR amateur radio net which will be conducted most Monday Nights starting February 18th, 2013 on REF026A (Vancouver, BC Reflector). Repeaters, DVAPs and Dongles are welcome to […]

Raspberry Pi irrigation system rain bypass

This web-enabled rain sensor will automatically turn-off an irrigation system when it rains using a Raspberry Pi: This Raspberry Pi Irrigation System Rain Bypass uses a web connected Raspberry Pi to look up rain predictions and disable the irrigation system from watering the lawn if it won’t be necessary.  The existing controller has an input […]

Raspberry Pi supercomputer

The crew at the University of Southhampton have been working on a Raspberry Pi based supercomputer. “The machine, named ‘Iridis-Pi’ after the University’s Iridis supercomputer, runs off a single 13 Amp mains socket and uses MPI (Message Passing Interface) to communicate between nodes using Ethernet. The whole system cost under £2,500 (excluding switches) and has […]