A breakout board for the Raspberry Pi to learn Python

RPi Board, a board to learn Python with the Raspberry Pi by Jesus Echavarria. He writes: Once I check that all is Ok, it’s time to start programming. There’re a lot of manuals and references over internet of how to start programming in Python. Here I’ll cover the basic examples to start working with the board. […]

A four channel remote control using EnOcean Pi

A four-channel remote control built using the EnOcean Pi by Kerry Wong: In my last couple of blog posts, I did a brief overview of the EnOcean Pi sensor kit from Newark and demonstrated how to compile and run the example code using a Raspberry Pi. In this blog post, I will show a real world example […]

ASTROGUN R-Pi based asteroid game

Avishay has developed the ASTROGUN, a Raspberry Pi based asteroid shooting gun and video display system. He originally designed the project along with Maayan Dreamer for the Jerusalem Mini Maker Faire, held last June. The game is pretty simple – the player stands and has to shoot Asteroids that are coming towards him from any […]

Reverse engineering a wireless soil moisture sensor

Ray Wang at Rayshobby has been working on reverse engineering a wireless soil moisture sensor. He writes, “At the Maker Faire this year I got lots of questions about soil moisture, which I knew little about. Recently I started learning about how to build my own soil sensor, and came across this cheap 433MHz wirelss […]

Picberry: R-Pi / Allwinner A10 PIC programmer using GPIO connector

WallaceIT has developed a Raspberry Pi / Allwinner A10 PIC Programmer using GPIO connector. “It currently supports dsPIC33F and PIC18FxxJ families, though other “code-programmed” families can easily be added. Feel free to use and comment it! Any feedback will be appreciated!” Via the contact form.

The Drinkmotizer – a Raspberry Pi drink mixing robot

Cabe Atwell wanted a way to have a robot serve up a mixed drink efficiently and economically. He developed the Drinkmotizer, which uses a Raspberry Pi in combination with an Arduino to construct the dream project of many a maker. What makes this drink mixing robot different from other designs? Cabe says this machine builds […]

Asterisk PBX on R-Pi

While you don’t hear quite as much as you did a few years ago about Asterisk, the free, open source framework for building communications applications, there’s still an active community developing and extending the code. The software essentially allows you to run your own VOIP Private Branch Exchange (PBX) on your home computer. The crew […]

R-Pi and RTL-SDR = AFSK transmission between two Linux boxes

This video depicts the successful transmission of AFSK data via a radio link between two Linux machines using a R-Pi and an RTL-SDR dongle. The crew at Kprod posted this cool RTL-SDR project on their blog. They use minimodem to do the encoding in a FLAC or in a WAV format, then use the R-Pi […]

EFERGY E2 Classic FSK decoding using RTL-SDR and R-Pi

Nathaniel Elijah has posted the a complete working prototype of an EFERGY E2 CLASSIC Transmission decoder using a Raspberry Pi and RTL-SDR USB Dongle. The EFERGY E2 Classic is an electrical usage monitor which displays information received from associated wireless energy sensors. Nathaniel writes, “It is now possible to capture those 10s to 20s power […]

Amateur radio TV beacon inside CCTV case

András Veres-Szentkirályi write about an interesting project The Budapest hackerspace (hsbp.org) did some joint work with a local ham radio club and created an SSTV beacon housed inside a CCTV case that takes an image of its environment and transmits it using slow-scan television over ham bands. There’s currently one experimental device installed, and since […]

Video: R-Pi, media centers and AppleTV

In this presentation from the September 29, 2013 session of the Derbycon conference in Louisville, KY, David Schuetz, Senior Consultant with Intrepidus Group, demonstrates the use of the R-Pi as a media center and content server. He devised the project as a way to entertain his children on car trips, now that they’ve graduated from […]

CreepyDOL WiFi surveillance project debuts at Blackhat/DEFCON

CreepyDOL, the Creepy Digital Object Locator, is a distributed tracking system that uses low-cost hardware sensors, a robust communications system, and simple observation to give near-real-time identification of humans and tracking capabilities to anyone. It’s goal is to develop hardware and software for passive surveillance of WiFi data and draw inferences regarding human behavior therefrom. […]

Raspberry Pi level shifters and monitoring

Stuff4Pi posted his ConvertPi, a Raspberry Pi GPIO full level converter & monitoring, in the project log forum: I would like to introduce my first Raspberry board: a GPIO bi-directional level translator (3.3V <-> 5V): – This is an in-between expansion board that you plug in the RPi P1 connector which gives a bi-directional level […]