Bartendro serves up cocktails using open source

Bartendro is a robotic cocktail dispensing machine controlled by a Raspberry Pi. Dispensing of drink components is via peristaltic pumps which dispense a known volume with every revolution of the motor to precisely meter drinks. The Party Robotics developers explain, “Each pump combined with our custom electronics is called a “dispenser.” The dispenser boards use the same processor as an Arduino and connect through a RJ-45 connector to a “router board” which carries the Raspberry Pi (RPI) computer. Any normal networking cable will work, but we’ve custom made the cables that come with Bartendro to be just the right length. Router boards can handle up to 15 dispensers, while miniRouter boards can handle up to 3 dispensers. The RPI sets up a wireless access point and creates a WiFi network called Bartendro.”

The project is open source and has been fully funded via Kickstarter.

The link to this project’s source code can be found on GitHub.

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