A20-OLinuXino DualCore Cortex-A7 prototype update

Tsvetan writes to update us on the status of the A20-OLinuXino. They now have their A20-OLinuXino DualCore Cortex-A7 prototypes working fine using Allwinner’s double core A20 which is almost pin to pin compatible with A10. For more info visit the OLinuXino webpage. General information on the open source software and hardware OLinuXino can be found […]

Door security logger with A13-OLinuXino-WIFI + OpenCV

Tsvetan and his crew at Olimex designed this simple project with A13-OLinuXino and OpenCV. “Now everytime somebody enter our lab A13-OLinuXino takes picture with timestamp and store on the SD-card, later we can view the captured images via the web on OLinuXino IP address.” The project sources are on GitHub. Via the contact form.

OLinuXino-Micro ARM9 Linux board available at Mouser

Brightbluejim let us know that the OLinuXino-Micro ARM9 Linux board is available at Mouser for $30. It runs at 454 MHz, has 64 MB of RAM, an SD-card reader, TV PAL/NTSC video output, one USB High-Speed host port, and an a Pi-tossing 60 GPIO pins broken out. Via the comments

Olimex: A13-OLinuXino-WIFI Developer edition now available

A13-OLinuXino-WiFi boad (Rev-B) for developers is now available: Olimex has released the A13-OLinuXino-WiFi boad (Rev-B) for developers. It can be ordered for EUR 55 (incl. free shipping) via the Olimex web store. VAT will be added if you have no EU VAT-Id. A13-OLinuXino-WIFI – completely assembled and tested (SD card not included) with WIFI 802.11n […]

A13-OLinuXino first time Android boot

Olimex is hard at work to roll out the A13 based OLinuXino by September. In the latest news they were able to flash the device with a custom Android build. Dimitar Gamishev learned that we have A13-OLinuXino prototypes and came to our office after work, he already had pre-built Android image, so after spending some […]