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Posted on Thursday, March 28th, 2013 in kit biz by DP


In relation to the previously posted Sourcing cheap parts on TaoBao, China’s eBay, Sleemanj did a review of the TaoBao shopping service Bhiner:

It’s a real shame that those shipping fees are SO much higher than some other agents, because otherwise I was impressed with Bhiner’s efficiency and speed (paypal delay accepted), with their website (even with the couple of bugs), and with the activity shown by the people running it (that they have skype, are regularly posting to social media, updating the information on their site all the time…)

Via the forum.

Via the forum.

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19 Responses to “TaoBao shopping service Bhiner review”

  1. Mike says:

    I tried to deal with Bhiner and I’ve gotta say, I wasn’t impressed at all. I sent through orders for about 15 items and about half were rejected by Bhiner because they claimed the seller didn’t have sufficient feedback. I understand their wanting to protect customers, but these were the only sellers on Taobao who had these items in stock, so it’s not like I could get them from some other, more “reliable” seller. Anyway, we went back and forth about that for a while, and after an hour or two of chatting on Skype, I finally got them to put the orders through, insisting that I wouldn’t hold them responsible for quality issues and I just needed them to place the order as-is.

    Then I went through the quotes and started double-checking the shipping costs from Bhiner against the listings. It turns out that Bhiner was overcharging for shipping. In one case the shipping on the order was actually free, but they quoted 20 RMB ($3.26). Keep in mind that this is the first part of the process where you only have to pay the price of the item, the domestic shipping cost from the seller to Bhiner, and Bhiner’s commission – the international shipping cost to get the item to you is paid later. When I asked why they were charging 20 RMB for something that should be free, their response was (quoting verbatim from our Skype conversation), “the international express won’t pick up your items for free, ok?”

    Please deal with another Taobao agent.

    • sweetsholic says:

      Hey guy you may not know they are using express agent all along, they give their parcel to the express agent, then the agent send them to the express, that’s why domestic fee won’t be free.You need to learn more process of Chinese logistic

      • Grant says:

        I’d say *they* need to learn more about being upfront and open by the sound of things, not the customer having to somehow know that something that says free, is actually a charge. I don’t know what was explained during the order process, but I’d be annoyed based on what Mike has said.

      • sweetsholic says:

        They are more honest than others do for picture service, you can get some items refund to the seller at least before getting to you for that lost. They can provide suggestion on more items for you to get better quality goods, good agent should be good at item sourcing first and tell us what item’s poor quality.When something’s free on domestic shipping to their warehouse, they charges very low fee to send it to the express agent you can see it when you quote them. And there are many coupons you can used when you have something refunded

      • Sleepwalker3 says:

        That’s fine, but $190 to ship 10 sweaters?!!! They might be a little bulky, but I’m sure they would have squashed them down plenty. I understand this is the DHL (or whoever) service and not the agent fees, but $190 US is not a small amount and it sounds like he was very surprised.

        Anyway, cost aside, you are saying the buyer should learn, I believe it’s up to the Seller (or in this case Agent) to advise * Up Front * what they the charges will be, long before it gets to the payment process. True that they buyer needs to be aware, but if they don’t get told openly upfront, then they are not likely to keep the business of Westerners. You seem to suggest they do quote beforehand, but going by how it reads here and how both of these people seemed completely surprised by the freight charges, it suggests they were not informed *before* placing the order and / or didn’t have any way to back out of the deal once they did find out. I can ring FedEx or DHL and get a quote for shipping in no time, so I would expect a place which uses them all the time would also be able to, or if using a freight agent, then the freight agent should be able to quote beforehand.

        As I’m not really familiar with the Taobao process, perhaps there are things I’m missing or perhaps these people didn’t check the quoted price for freight (if there was one), but it certainly sounds like they weren’t aware of the extra costs beforehand.

        Also charging a credit card without advanced warning, that’s simply not on, especially if it was far in excess of what was expected. I know I’ll be a lot more cautious after reading this and will look at what others (well known members) are saying before I deal with these agents.

  2. Flora _BoBo says:

    I have been dealing with for over a year with 20+ orders for my local boutique in USA.
    but I decided to stop dealing with them because i have had bad experience for the recent order that i placed with them.
    I paid for the first payment which the cost for the China domestic shipping and the of course the price for the goods. been waiting for COUPLE WEEKS for the second payment which is the international shipping cost.
    All in sudden, they charged all the balance of my account without telling me ahead. the reason for charging me extra USD $65 they said my order contain brand name which is NOT TRUE. i only purchased the low cost clothing in Taoboa , nothing contain brand name ( not even replica goods ).
    Also, i found out that they charge way higher for the shipping cost. for 10 items ( regular sweater ) cost me USD $ 190 for the DHL shipping. They charge more and more for the shipping cost as i noticed recently.
    i am looking for another taobao agent.

  3. sweetsholic says:

    I have very gooood experience with them while you guys saying bad haha. Because guys choose very cheap fake or unreliable seller who sells bad item or send them in few weeks, delayed.And you guys put this responsibility to them, and domestic shipping, they are using professional agent who can send hundreds of parcel every day instead of individual does. So they need to collect domestic shipping from the warehouse to the express agent as well. You will got what you paid, how will you expect when you pay 20dollars for 50 dollars quality service? lower paid, worse things you will get. Learn to be a good buyer before purchasing anything online coz you are not the god. They are efficient and considerate enough, developing more perfect system than those agents who using excels who will be in a mess. And for the latest order, you can find there’s a sticker on the item, it’s a two-dimension code, you can see the packing list as you scan on it so that you can check if your parcel’s completed. For wholesaler, they can provide excellent dropshipping service. So when they are improving, you should do this as well.

  4. sweetsholic says:

    One more thing, they provide personal picture service, you can see everything before you get your parcel, can you find this in other agent’s service?

  5. Edison says:

    I have been deal with since 2012.Nowadays,their service is getting better and better,i don’t have the problem that you guys had.I just won 500 CNY Cash Coupon from the thanksgiving Cook turkey.That’s funny and cool.You guys should have a look on

  6. Sleepwalker3 says:

    Hmm, why am I not convinced?

  7. soso says:

    I just purchased from Bhiner and they are terrible! Do not use them! I ordered my products through them and made my first payment. It took over a week for them to update the status of my items and they didn’t even update it until I asked them why it was taking so look. Then I paid the second payment. I paid on a Friday and by Wednesday, I still had no tracking number and no word on whether they even sent out my package or not. I asked them again and they finally replied with a tracking number. However, I had specifically requested them to send my items through EMS and yet they sent it through some company I have never heard of. I tried to use the tracking number and the website of that company is down! Now, I have no idea where my package is! Taobao now offers options for international shipping. They are must faster and cheaper. They also do automatic refunds if the shipping company does not ship out with a tracking number in 48 hours. Bhiner is garbage. I’ve withdrawn all my money from my account and now can only hope that I’ll even get my package.

    Also, so obvious that the post from “Edison” is fake. The English is the same style as the replies I get from them.

    • flora_bobo says:

      seems like sweetsholic is “ on behalf ” of .
      RE: SO SO, if you use paypal to pay for your order and shipping cost, you can contact paypal customer service and let them know if you do not receive the package. But normally they would send the package to you so don’t worry. I agree with Sweetsholic that Bhiner agent provide picture of each items of your order before shipping them out. That is the key thing i keep purchasing with them but NO MORE ! I noticed that Taobao now ship to oversea, so i guess sweetsholic can take a rest from helping your company ( Bhiner ).

  8. Bacon says:

    I am new to ordering from China/HK, but I’ve learned one thing: patience, as hard as it is to have, is key. Chinese couriers work themselves to the bone for next to nothing, and lost packages come out of their pay (which could paralyze a family for months), so rarely do packages get lost there. Most problems with shipping usually occur after a parcel has left the country, as there is less personal accountability for packages in developed countries. And the parcels that end up in third world countries are subject to corrupt customs officials, negligence, and theft.

    What I’m trying to say, from doing my research and having a few purchases under my belt, is be patient. The customer service standards in China aren’t up to the standard of what most of us are used to in the Western World, but they do operate with an enviable efficiency over there, given the lack of resources.

  9. Mike says:


    I believe you are right that the customer service standards in China are frequently not up to those in the developed world. Nonetheless, it’s not like people are on the brink of starvation there or even that they lack resources, and I don’t believe that customers should have to tolerate behavior like jacking up shipping rates. If Bhiner wants to do business in a competitive international market then they need to find out what their customers want and do their best to give it to them. If they’re unable to do that, customers will go elsewhere, as well they should… just my take on the situation.

  10. John Smith says:

    I’ve ordered several times from China. All of them took a long time because simply US customs are bullcrap and OF COURSE THE SHIPPING IS PRICEY. IT’S OVER SEAS. Why don’t you actually try those “other agents” that claim to be able to ship cheaper. The pricing will come out the same and for mistakes, not necessarily their fault. The international mail system is a very long one and mistakes can happen at any point. A lot of people in general have bad experiences with ordering from China not just from bhiner or any agent. Their concept is good because of the transparency of the pricing and it’s f****** paypal. If they for some reason ignore you for their problem, you can bring it up with paypal and get your money back. inb4 im some chinese bhiner bullcrap use your brain.

  11. Laura says:

    I have purchased a headphone from them and they claimed that it weighs 1.5KG, wtf? Freaking headphone weighs more than 3lbs? Its like two of 20 oz bottled waters. I have dealt with many other taobao agencies including JCYBUY, TaoBaoRing and some of those personal ones, but I realized that most of them, at least all pf those i listed, false inform their customers about the weights. I think its more like open-secret that percel fees are kinda their second commissions. Since bhiner only charges ppl 5%, its still a best deal, imo.

  12. Paul Park says:

    Got scammed by this agency. I bought an earphone that cost $100 and what I received was a $2 trash earphone. The earphone box was the correct one, but the earphone was an absolutely different product. (Which means somebody swapped only the earphone on purpose) They repeated that they did not do this, but it was obvious that Bhiner made a mistake. I had to escalate a paypal dispute to a claim and enforced Bhiner to issue me a refund. DO NOT USE THIS AGENCY. The shipping department workers will steal and switch to another cheap product.

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