Foobot, a robot table football game

Steve of mooplog has been working on a robot table football game called Foobot: My DIY robot table football game, using some super cheap 433mhz radio modules, some AVR microcontrollers (attiny2313 and attiny13) and classic Nintendo and Sega controllers to reignite the console wars… Project info at mooplog site. Check out the video after the break.

Hand-tracking Anti Tetris game on DE2 board

Tian Gao from Cornell’s University’s EE program developed what he calls an AntiTetris game using the Altera DE2 FPGA board. The project was part of the final requirements in Cornell’s ECE 5760 Advanced Microcontroller Design and system-on-chip Spring 2013 course. “In this project, I built a video game “Anti Tetris” on Altera DE2 board. The […]

Parallax Propeller retro pocket mini computer

Jeff Ledger wrote informing us of a retro-style computer based on the Parallax Propeller described in this Instructable. It utilizes the Pocket Mini Computer Kit from GadgetGangster. This board is based on the Propeller chip and includes VGA, audio and PS/2 keyboard ports as well as a microSD card slot and Wii controller port. The […]


Arthur Benemann has been working on a microcontroller chess game using a Microchip DSPIC33FJ128MC804-PT. He writes: I would like to share my latest project, the picChess, its a Microcontroller Chess game. It has and VGA video interface, audio, Keyboard connection, and even a AI to play against the Microcontroller. The project, including source and schematic […]

Atmega644 rock paper scissors game

Students Ling-Wei Lee and Kevin Tang at Cornell University developed a version of the rock paper scissors game using an Atmega644, CMOS camera module and a 2×16 LCD. Their project requires the human player to wear a glove that has black tape on each finger. Upon a signal from the LCD, the player plays their […]