USB Infrared Toy firmware v22 final released

USB Infrared Toy firmware v22 final is now available for download. This includes bug fixes for both IR Toy hardware versions. This is the most stable IR Toy firmware yet. Download release package Download source archive Firmware update instructions The open source USB stack is performing well. After a little more testing on the IR […]

IR protocol decoder software for use with the IR Toy

After we blogged about his IR helicopter automatic altitude control video, amieres added another video. In this one he explains how to decode the IR protocol using a program he developed and the IR Toy. His software has many useful options like frame length recognition with a rounding option to eliminate signal travel time. A replace option is implemented […]

IR helicopter automatic altitude control

Amieres built a IR controlled Helicopter with Wiimote using USB IR Toy V1. A camera connected to the laptop tracks the helicopter. Using the USB IR Toy the laptop sends automatic altitude control signals. Setting attitude points is done with Wiimote’s up/down buttons, while nunchuk joystick is used for motion control. Via the comments. You can get […]

IR Toy Linux firmware upgrade program

Ynezz posted an IR Toy Linux firmware upgrade program: I’ve added similar stuff to the fw_update util directly, the modified source can be downloaded from my GitHub repository. It uses my librs232, so it should work on Linux/Win. I’ve tested it only on Linux. The repository contains also fix for usb interface claiming. It works […]

New version of WinLIRC remote control receiver software

There’s a new version of WinLIRC and the WinLIRC plugin for the USB Infrared Toy. Just uploaded a new winlirc version, with yet another updated plugin for the IR Toy. It requires the latest firmware. Not tested it with the old one firmware, it might work but I wouldn’t advise it. Needs testing in case […]

USB Infrared Toy receive/transmit support for LIRC (Linux)

LIRC is a remote control decoder/transmitter program for Linux. The IR Toy has always been supported by LIRC’s IRman-compatable mode, but now there’s a patch for full receive and transmit support. Peter posted the test IR Toy LIRC driver in the forum: I have finished work on a lirc driver for linux that supports receive […]

USB Infrared Toy firmware v20 final released

Infrared Toy firmware v20 final is now available for download. This is an update for all IR Toy hardware versions. Thank you to all the testers and developers who made this happen. Download release package Download source archive Last week we released v20-RC1, but it took two more release candidates to get everything in order. […]

Testers needed: USB Infrared Toy firmware v20 release candidate 1

We are exceedingly proud to announce the first USB IR Toy firmware using an open source USB firmware. In the past we used the Microchip USB stack, but it’s not distributable so we can’t release the full source code. Sure, it’s easy enough to download the code from Microchip directly, but that is an extra […]

Testers needed: IR Toy firmware v20 test 10

IR Toy firmware v20 is nearly ready for release. This version uses the new open source USB stack written by JTR and Honken. The transmit, and receive functions have been completely reworked. The transmitter can handle 1000s of bytes of test signals without a glitch thanks to the new USB double-buffer. There’s only one bug […]