Controlling a heat pump with Raspberry Pi and USB IR Toy

Posted on Friday, August 2nd, 2013 in how-to, Infrared toy by DP

Here’s a video from Chris LeBlanc  showing how to control a heat pump using a Raspberry Pi and USB Infrared Toy:

A quick demo showing how to control a heat pump (or any IR device) using a Raspberry Pi, an IR Toy* from Dangerous Prototypes, a Google Calendar, and a bit of Python code.

I’ve recorded a bunch of IR codes from my heat pump’s remote control and stored them in a file on the Raspberry Pi. I then added a simple cron job to poll a Google Calendar once every five minutes. When it gets an event it transmits the code (eg: 20) to the heat pump using the IR toy. All of these steps are described on the project’s wiki.

You can get IR Toy v2 for $22.05, including world wide shipping.

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  1. theyoungstone says:


    I am trying o do the same thing.
    I already have th Raspberry Pi and the USB Infrared Toy v2.
    You are saying that “All of these steps are described on the project’s wiki”. Can you please give the URL of the Wiki?
    Thank you.

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