Free PCB build: USB IR TOY v3 + updated irWidget firmware


mikelelere writes:

I’ve finally put some time and acquired most of the required parts to assemble the USB IR Toy v3 free PCB I received a few weeks ago. I’ve been lately interested in making a “backup” of several remotes I’ve at home, and the USB IR toy with the IRWidget firmware seems like the perfect candidate for doing so. Since JTR’s irWidget firmware only allows using the IRScope application with IR Toys equipped with the QSE159 photodetector, and unfortunately I did not manage to find such part for a reasonable amount, I decided to update his firmware to allow other IR Toys (like mine) to be usable with the IRScope app just by measuring IR pulse lengths using the regular TSOP photosensor.

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  1. makes no mention of V3 and seems to suggest LIRC still does not support USB IR Toy “out of the box” (while recompiling is impractical on many targets) “after all these years”, as does in at least for the sampling mode permitting blasting/transmitting i.e. irsend (at which the mceusb -to be replaced- has shown poorer range&fidelity than the old RS232 dongles in particular for raw samples in my settings at least).
    What can we expect from V3 as a LIRC-compatible Linux transceiver?

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