3D printable PCB stand-offs

We recently ran across another 3D printable PCB accessory on Thingiverse.  This time it is a stand-off that slips on the edge of a PCB and the edge of a piece of plywood.  This is a quick way to mount your PCB on the side of a project or into a project enclosure.

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Nicholas C Lewis has BS in Mechanical Engineering with a Minor in Math and works as a Manufacturing Engineer. He also blogs @: http://NicholasCLewis.com/ http://RepRapBreeding.com/

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  1. Another one, nice! Maybe we need a library of electronics printables, then we could justify buying a maker bot or something ;)

  2. I first read “3d printable” and saw the picture before reading the rest of the title, and I thought it was going to say “terminal blocks”… A man can still dream though.

    1. Where do you live, DrF? Here in Seattle, Metrix Create:Space has several 3D printers of various makes, and you can rent time on them very cheaply. Just show up, load you files, pay for your time, and walk away with a finished part. Kinda like Kinko’s for the 3D world, but they keep the machines running so you don’t have to learn how to build the damn things yourself. If there’s not a publicly-open shop like this in your town, then maybe someone who owns a 3D printer near you would be willing to run a few parts for a fee.

      1. Sadly I live in the UK where things like this are not too popular. Our local Hacker space has been through many troubles financial, premises, members leaving, poor attendances/no shows. That would be the only place I could think of here that would have such a thing and the local one does not.

        Maybe I should get my own and offer a service of sorts to help people out :)

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