Review of the XC9572XL clone by Numato Lab

A few weeks ago Numato Lab ported our XC9572XL CPLD breakout board to KiCad. Hilipka got one of their assembled boards for free and wrote a review. its quite a nice board, feeld of high quality even included an oscillator the JTAG header is not labeled at all, making it difficult in the beginning I […]

CPLD breakout board ported to KiCad

Numanto Lab ported one of our CPLD breakout boards from the original Eagle files to the open source KiCad. CPLD breakout board design in KiCad based on design by Ian Lesnet of Dangerous Prototypes. This board is completely designed in KiCad in 3-4 hours. Get the CoolRunner-II development board for $15 and XC9572XL dev-board  for […]