XC9572XL CPLD development board back in stock

Posted on Tuesday, October 1st, 2013 in News by DP

XC9572XL CPLD development board are back in stock at Seeed Studio. CPLDs are programmable logic gate arrays which allow you to build custom logic devices simply by programing them.

Get the XC9572XL dev-board for $15 and CoolRunner-II development board for $15.

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3 Responses to “XC9572XL CPLD development board back in stock”

  1. Tijl says:

    Why should I buy this when you can get an Arduino (e.g. Trinket) for the same price ?

    • Tiersten says:

      An Arduino is nothing like a CPLD. They’re capable of completely different things and you’d buy whatever is most suitable for your task. There are things which a CPLD would easily do but would be difficult with a microcontroller. The same applies in reverse as well. As the article text states, a CPLD is useful to allow you to build custom logic. Replicating that in a microcontroller would be hard unless you’re happy with very slow logic and odd timings.

    • Chris says:

      ….Are….are you retarded?

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