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TinyG embedded CNC controller

Saturday, July 16th, 2011

The Synthetos TinyG embedded CNC controller processes G code directly on a microcontroller without needing a PC: TinyG is a many-axis motion control system. TinyG components execute G code directly without the need for a general-purpose microcomputer. TinyG is meant to be a complete embedded solution for small motor control.

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Logic Shrimp logic analyzer case

Saturday, July 2nd, 2011

Ril3y posted pictures of a new case for the Logic Shrimp. He also has Bus Pirate and Logic Sniffer cases.

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Rainbow cube case

Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

Ril3y designed a laser cut plexi glass enclosure made for Seeed Studio's Rainbow Cube Kit.

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TinyG G-code motor controller

Friday, October 22nd, 2010

TinyG is a multi-axis motor controller for DIY CNC machines. Most CNC controllers receive instructions from a PC, but the TinyG executes G-code directly. By running the Gcode interpreter directly on the chip it avoids the expense and problems of trying to precisely control step timing with a general purpose...

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Riley’s workshop

Friday, October 1st, 2010

Here's some pictures of our friend Ril3y's workshop. Ril3y has awesome laser-cut acrylic cases for the Bus Pirate in his Synthetos webshop. Via Make.

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Ril3y’s new Open Logic Sniffer case

Friday, June 11th, 2010

Ril3y sent photos of a new laser-cut case for the Open Logic Sniffer. This case isn't available yet, but we'll keep you updated. Ril3y also sells a popular laser-cut case for the Bus Pirate. You can order the OLS at Seeed Studio for $45, including worldwide shipping. Don’t forget that...

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Feet for Ril3y’s Bus Pirate case

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

RatRanch found a good accessory for Ril3y's laser-cut Bus Pirate case: I made some very effective non-slip "feet" for the bottom using tine covers left over from a dishwasher repair kit that I obtained from an Amazon seller for about US $5 with shipping.   I'd imagine that similar parts could...

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Bus Pirate and FSA03 GPS how-to

Saturday, April 3rd, 2010

Ril3y shows how to use a FSA03 GPS with the Bus Pirate: I have a few projects that I would like to include GPS data in, in the near future.  So I went ahead and picked up a nice ublox based GPS.  You can get it here:  I wanted to...

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Ril3y’s laser cut Bus Pirate case available

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

Back in January we posted about Ril3y’s laser cut Bus Pirate case. Due to a Paypal issue it wasn't possible to complete an order, but now it seems to be working. Synthetos Laboratories (Ril3y’s store) now lists them in clear ($12.99), translucent red, and translucent black (both $14.99). Up to...

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