TinyG G-code motor controller

TinyG is a multi-axis motor controller for DIY CNC machines. Most CNC controllers receive instructions from a PC, but the TinyG executes G-code directly.

By running the Gcode interpreter directly on the chip it avoids the expense and problems of trying to precisely control step timing with a general purpose computer that has other things on its mind (and non-deteministic interrupt latencies – “Index files now?”).

PC based CNC controllers are happy if pulse jitter (uncertainty between pulses) is less than 20 microseconds. The less jitter the smoother the movement and the faster the motor can be run…the [TinyG] timing accuracy is about 35 ns. (32 Mhz clock) – but this can degrade significantly to about 2 microseconds if the step interrupts collide (still pretty happy with the result).

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  1. Wow , i think this is great. I hope this is released so it can be produced. Looks like it might work for the reprap program as well as cnc, Might beed a couple of additions like temp sensors though.

    great work by the look of it.

  2. We have been working on this board for about 8 mo now. We plan on manufacturing it and selling it soon. Not to mention it will be open source. Not sure if you understand how hard it is to solder this thing together.. 6 – 8 hrs it took us to do 1 board. However hey it works!

    Price range right now is around 100 – 150. Depending on what we can get on components pricing etc.

    If you guys are interested check my blog out as we make updates it will appear there. It will also go for sale on. https://www.synthetos.com/webstore


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