OpenRISC Conference 2014, Germany

ORCONF has announced plans for their OpenRISC conference. “The annual OpenRISC conference, orconf, will be hosted October 11-12 in Munich, Germany this year. Focus will be on OpenRISC, but we will also have presenters from the RISC-V project and Lattice among others. The conference is free thanks to our sponsors, and more information can be found […]

Shenzhen workshop April 3-5, 2014

Have you ever wanted to visit Shenzhen, home of the world’s largest electronics market? This year, just prior to the Shenzhen Maker Faire, join us for a soldering workshop and market tour for hardware hackers April 3-5, 2014. The main event is a two day soldering course at Shenzhen’s cell phone repair school. They’ll teach […]

DorkbotPDX is organizing an SMD soldering workshop

DorkbotPDX, a hackerspace in Portland, is organizing an SMD soldering workshop on the 29th of January. No tools or prior experience is necessary. For $8 you’ll get a kit to assemble in their shop. Learn how to work with surface mount technologies. This workshop is suitable for newcomers to SMT as well as more experienced […]