Raspberry Pi and ARM uC Breakout + DirtyPCBs mini-review

hipfan75 writes: Briefly, it’s a Raspberry Pi v1, Model B, Rev2 breakout with an STM32F030 microcontroller connected to the Pi UART, with all GPIOs for both broken out. There are also connectors for an NRF24L01+ module, a 12V boost module, and 315/433 Mhz wireless transmitters. One board will serve as my Garage Door Controller, while […]

App note: Adding an ADC to the Raspberry Pi

  Adding an ADC to the Raspberry Pi app note (PDF!) from  FTDIChip: This application note will show how to connect the RPI-Hub-Module to the Raspberry Pi and install FTDI drivers to control the module. The application note will then explain how the module may be used to read values from an external ADC device over the SPI […]

Portable VCR Raspberry Pi

MisterM wrote this instructable detailing his 1981 portable VCR Raspberry PI media centre: This is an early ’80s Sharp VC-2300H portable VCR that I’ve converted – it now has a Raspberry Pi at its heart, running the excellent Raspbmc media centre software. Other upgrades include a snazzy arduino-based clock and an EL wire “tape” that ejects […]

PCB for Raspberry Pi WH1080 weather station

A PCB for Raspberry Pi WH1080 weather station by Andy Ayre of BritishIdeas: Previously I wrote about using a Raspberry Pi to receive 433MHz signals from a WH1080 weather station. This is the mess of wiring I came up with. This worked fine until it stopped. I probably didn’t crimp a wire properly and too many knocks […]

A breakout board for the Raspberry Pi to learn Python

RPi Board, a board to learn Python with the Raspberry Pi by Jesus Echavarria. He writes: Once I check that all is Ok, it’s time to start programming. There’re a lot of manuals and references over internet of how to start programming in Python. Here I’ll cover the basic examples to start working with the board. […]

Debugging the WM8731 ADC/DAC with the Bus Pirate

Pasdesignal tweeted, “I solved i2s/i2c issues on my raspberry pi with the help of Bus Pirate”: I have been experimenting with the WM8731 ADC/DAC chip (datasheet)  and the raspberry pi using i2s and the aSOC drivers. I chose this CODEC because it already had an aSOC driver written, and Koalo had already written the other […]

Controlling a heat pump with Raspberry Pi and USB IR Toy

Here’s a video from Chris LeBlanc  showing how to control a heat pump using a Raspberry Pi and USB Infrared Toy: A quick demo showing how to control a heat pump (or any IR device) using a Raspberry Pi, an IR Toy* from Dangerous Prototypes, a Google Calendar, and a bit of Python code. I’ve […]

Raspberry Pi level shifters and monitoring

Stuff4Pi posted his ConvertPi, a Raspberry Pi GPIO full level converter & monitoring, in the project log forum: I would like to introduce my first Raspberry board: a GPIO bi-directional level translator (3.3V <-> 5V): – This is an in-between expansion board that you plug in the RPi P1 connector which gives a bi-directional level […]

RAPIRO: The Humanoid robot kit for your Raspberry Pi

Here’s an interesting Kickstarter project the RAPIRO designed by Shota Ishiwatari.  It’s designed to work with a Raspberry Pi and comes with a Arduino-compatible servo controller.  Switch Science is one of the collaborators of this project: RAPIRO is a cute, affordable, and easy to assemble humanoid robot kit, which comes with 12 servos and an […]

Old display reverse engineered to work with a Raspberry Pi

Old Display Reverse Engineered to work with a Raspberry Pi: Dimitri, Frank, Kevin and Robin from Eectronique have sent in some details of a project that they have been working on. They had an old early 90′s LED matrix sign and wanted to make it work with a Raspberry Pi. The circuit layout is what […]

DIY Daft Punk helmet using a Raspberry Pi

Ryan Longo and Michu worked together to make this cool DIY Daft Punk helmet with Raspberry Pi –  software by Michu, the idea and hardware by Ryan Longo: So I wrote a Netty based Java application using Pi4J which does exactly this. The UDP2I2C source is published on GitHub My application receive UDP data in the […]

OpenWrt now supports Raspberry Pi

The OpenWrt Release Team has announced the final Attitude Adjustment Release (12.09) OpenWrt is a famous Linux distribution for embedded devices. It was started as a replacement for the original firmware of routers and access points. On April 25, they announced the new version, named Attitude Adjustment (12.09), that adds the new brcm2708 target, that is the […]