Debugging the WM8731 ADC/DAC with the Bus Pirate

Posted on Wednesday, August 7th, 2013 in Bus Pirate by DP


Pasdesignal tweeted, “I solved i2s/i2c issues on my raspberry pi with the help of Bus Pirate”:

I have been experimenting with the WM8731 ADC/DAC chip (datasheet)  and the raspberry pi using i2s and the aSOC drivers.
I chose this CODEC because it already had an aSOC driver written, and Koalo had already written the other driver file required which was based on his experience with the Mikroe audio CODEC proto board. The WM8731 happens to be a Wolfson chip and I have had good experience in the past with another Wolfson DAC – the WM8740 which I used in my DIY USB DAC.
This particular CODEC has both stereo headphone and line level outputs, a line level input plus a separate simple mic input with integrated mic bias. At this stage I am using it with a simple crystal at 12.288MHz. So a decent chip to play around with, and hopefully not much fuss setting it up.

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2 Responses to “Debugging the WM8731 ADC/DAC with the Bus Pirate”

  1. Vikram says:


    i need help with wm8731. should i use the development board or the chip? And how am i supposed to interface it with microcontroller at89c51, this is a real basic microcontroller. How should i program it to get adio samples to the microcontroller?…please help!!!

  2. R Neese says:

    can you give a schematic layout of hoy you interfaced to the pi pn wise

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