App note: Adding an ADC to the Raspberry Pi



Adding an ADC to the Raspberry Pi app note (PDF!) from  FTDIChip:

This application note will show how to connect the RPI-Hub-Module to the Raspberry Pi and install FTDI drivers to control the module. The application note will then explain how the module may be used to read values from an external ADC device over the SPI interface.

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  1. FTDI drivers? No siree, never, never, never again.
    ADC over SPI? Hmmm… I’ve seen the contortions some people did while attempting various kinds of interfacing. First I’d replace that board with a set-top box chip with something else.
    Don’t flame me! I’m just tweaking people’s noses! ;-)

  2. Ftdi-no-more

    Instead one can use one of the following:

    ADC Pi / MCP3424 / MCP3428

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