Naze32 on Mini quad setup quadcopter



Oscar Liang wrote a post on his blog detailing how to setup a Naze32 Flight contoroller on his mini quad:

I have finally decided to swap out the KK2.1.5 with the Naze32 on my FPV250 mini quad. I have to say IMHO after a couple of test flight, the Naze32 Flight controller does perform better than the KK2.1.5, in this case. It doesn’t wobble as much when descents, and in high wind. It feels very locked in even in self level mode (horizon mode), unlike the KK2 it shows little but annoying vibrations in this mode. More importantly, I like working with the multiwii, which allows me to connect the FC to my phone through Bluetooth, so I can change the settings (PID and so on) a lot easier.

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  1. Is that an open source board? All I found in a quick search was pre-built boards and all sold out. No source files to be seen.

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