Announcing an open source USB stack for PIC 18F and 24F

Good news everyone! A new free and open source USB stack is now available for PIC microcontrollers. Today we finished testing and prepared a simple echo test that works with PIC 18F and 24F. We hope a demo release will get more developers involved. A release package and overview are in the forum. As always, […]

Testers needed: USB Infrared Toy firmware v20 release candidate 1

We are exceedingly proud to announce the first USB IR Toy firmware using an open source USB firmware. In the past we used the Microchip USB stack, but it’s not distributable so we can’t release the full source code. Sure, it’s easy enough to download the code from Microchip directly, but that is an extra […]

Interview with Dangerous Prototypes at Open Source Hardware Junkies

Last week Ian did a Skype interview with Open Source Hardware Junkies. It’s up today, listen in if that’s your kind of thing: Need to figure out a chip…fast? Bus Pirate may be just what you have been looking for. Designed by Dangerous Prototypes, the Bus Pirate is a universal bus interface that can slash […]

DIYLILCNC: Low-cost, open-source desktop CNC mill

Taylor Hokanson writes: Please check out our awesome, free, open-source table top milling design: the DIYLILCNC. Now that the first design has been vetted by an international community of builders, we’re ready to embark on version 2.0. The second generation plans will focus on user-submitted design improvements. Via the contact form.

ExpEYES: new open source learning initiative

ExpEYES is an open source hardware/software learning initiative from the PHOENIX project of Inter-University Accelerator Centre, New Delhi, India. It is a framework for developing science experiments, demonstrations and projects and learning science and engineering by exploration. The expEYES hardware is based on an Atmega32 clocked at 8 MHz which is interfaced to the PC […]

WIFI router rescue with tjtag and Arduino

tjtag is an open source WIFI router rescue utility by our friend tornado. It uses a parallel programming cable to write firmware back into a bricked router. Now zoobab has ported jtjag to work with the Arduino as a programmer. If you don’t have a parallel port, just use an Arduino to rescue that router. […]

Open source documentation templates

nbitwonder has some open source documentation templates for electronics experimenters: We created a set of open source documentation templates in LaTeX (the typesetting language, not the material). With them, makers and hobbyists can develop better documentation for their projects by focusing on the content of their documentation and not the formatting. Grab the latest version […]

OpenPicus wireless development platform

OpenPicus is working on open source wireless hardware and a free application development platform.  The current WIFI hardware has a PIC 24FJ256GA106 microcontroller, and an MRF24WB0MA module provides the wireless. An Arduino-like IDE has libraries and frameworks to simplify wireless development. If you have the grit to develop a wireless app without a proper debugging […]

Announcement: Open source PIC USB stack

Forum member Honken released an open source USB firmware for PIC microcontrollers. This is a major open source contribution, congratulations! Most PIC 18F2550 and 18F4550 USB projects you see on the web use the Microchip USB source code. It’s easy to use and free. There’s one big problem: Microchip uses a license that isn’t open […]

Virtual USB analyzer

The Virtual USB Analyzer is a well documented free and open source tool for visualizing logs of USB packets, from hardware or software USB sniffer tools. It provides a graphical visualization along with raw hex dumps and high-level protocol analysis. The Analyzer is NOT a hardware USB analyzer or USB sniffer: it is an interface […]

Open source PIC USB demo for the IR Toy

Honken has an updated open source USB firmware for PIC microcontrollers. We ported the update to the IR Toy, you can load it up and test it yourself using the bootloader. This version is much more robust, and a number of bugs were squashed. The first character sent is no longer lost, and strings of […]

USB IR Toy: WinLIRC, irPyton updates

WinLIRC, the Windows version of the popular LIRC PC remote control decoder, has seen a spurt of development after 4 years of no activity. The updated version uses a new plugin system that should be able to support the USB IR Toy’s irman decoder mode and rawIO modes. We’re also adding a new mode that […]

Open source logic analyzer software

We woke up in a strange world where everyone knew about a new logic analyzer frontend for the Logic Sniffer, except us. LogicAnalyzer is a framework as well as an application to operate a PC based logic analyzer. It’s built using the Eclipse RCP and designed with extensibiliy in mind. Integrating devices, providing tools or […]

Sigrok: Open source logic analyzer client

We previously posted the Sigrok open source logic analyzer client.  They’ve done a lot of work and it now supports the Saleae Logic, EE Electronics XLA/ESLA100, and ASIX SIGMA. Open Logic Sniffer support is in progress, which will enable Bus Pirate support at the same time. The Logic Sniffer is $45, including worldwide shipping. The […]

Sigrok: Open source logic analyzer client

Bert tipped us to the Sigrok open source logic analyzer client. Sigrok is a multi-platform client that aims to support most common logic analyzer hardware. It currently only supports the Saleae Logic, but Open Logic Sniffer support is in progress. Preorder an Open Logic Sniffer for $45, including worldwide shipping. The OLS should start shipping […]